Earthquake strikes near Tor Pendente

Temporary state of emergency in Puntarossa

A strong earthquake rocked a large swathe of northern Italy this morning at around 4. International media claims that the 5.9 magnitude tremor has caused at least four deaths and caused the collapse of rural factories and ancient bell towers in towns. In St.Charlie, the Federations of Tor Pendente was hit, with a citizen from Puntarossa claiming that it lasted “for more than 10 seconds”.

President James Lunam, who has reported this morning that no serious damage took place in the Federation, has declared that “for now, everyone is alright”. In the borough of Puntarossa, a temporary state of emergency was declared this morning at 5, which lasted until 10.

Reports claim that following a series of strong aftershocks that hit the area soon after the first shake, local authorities ordered residents to stay out of their homes. The Border officers stationed in the city have told the Observer that “everyone is alright, just a lot of fear, but everyone was sent back to their house”.

The epicentre of the quake, which struck at 4.04am local time and had a magnitude of 5.9, was in the plains near Modena. One person working a night shift died in the collapse of a factory and two others were killed in the collapse of another building. Rescue officials were checking reports that other people were buried under rubble.


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