James Lunam on Rememberance Day

It was a “Day of Remembrance” on April 16 as the nation reflected on the St.Charlian citizens who have passed away since the birth of the Federal Republic. This is the first year that the event is held. A minute of silence was held at the Governor’s Palace in Tor Pendente, followed by a short speech by President James Lunam. Here is a transcript:

Citizens of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie,

we spend a moment today to remember the St.Charlians that have left us during the years. I find it proper to start off by remembering Nick, Nick Maggiore, a standing member of our republic and an example of independent journalism that still today hasn’t found a valid successor. His loss has taken place exactly a year ago and this farewell still lies heavy in our hearts and minds as it did in the past.

This loss was felt especially here in our capital city, Tor Pendente, where the authorities, with the support of many politicians and citizens, have named the main street to Nick Maggiore In any case, Nick’s contribution to St.Charlie should be considered as high as the one of my predecessors who passed away in the last years.

I find it therefore appropriate to remember Patrizio I, St.Charlian monarch, and Whisky I, our first Federal President. These personalities should be seen by any St.Charlian as real examples for our everyday life, because there can be no future if we just refuse and reject the past.

A better St.Charlie cannot be built without remembering what was done before. I also dedicate this address to the new St.Charlian citizens of Egtavia and Kozuc, who joined us last week, hoping they will find inspiration from these three bearers of founding values.

Honor to the fallen. Long live St.Charlie!

One Response to “James Lunam on Rememberance Day”
  1. matthewofburkland says:

    Nick Maggiore will be missed.

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