Nick Maggiore, a year ago

A year ago, on April 16, Nick Maggiore passed away. I still remember receiving the news the day after by e-mail, by his mother, telling me I was authorised to inform everyone about his sudden passing. Obviously, it was not easy.

I ended up again on that article about a week ago, when I checked the viewing stats of the St.Charlian Observer, and noticed, for the umpteenth time, that the day with the highest number of views, was indeed the one reporting the fact he left us.

I obviously miss Nick: the way in which he worked, professionally, yet with a small touch of humor, made micronational journalism an interesting field that people observed with curiosity and sometimes with jealousy, because it critically reviewed our life with a smile: the pompousness and abandon of the GUM, the instability of the OAM, the ridiculous claims of Bob Lethler, the idiocy of warfare, our slow bureaucracy, and so on.

But nothing was ever written with malice, or with an unbalanced vision: it was just Nick being himself about the good and bad sides of our small community.  No one other than him and Lyam Desmet did this sort of thing, as they were “just journalists, and nothing else”, which at the time was rare. This made him not only a micronational reporter, but THE micronational reporter, of the St.Charlian Observer, and of the whole MicroWiki Community, in some ways.

A year has passed, but we haven’t forgotten him and the amazing contribution he gave to us. Though considering what he did, and what we have now, I don’t know if our situation has really changed: journalism in the MicroWiki Community still remains an occupation that is excercised by people who are also active in other fields, which is a shame because it’s a great career nonetheless.

Whatever the case, I wrote this small bunch of thoughts to commemorate a great friend, and maybe the greatest journalist we ever had in the MicroWiki Community. No one is going to give us Nick Maggiore back, but nothing forbids us to follow his example.

2 Responses to “Nick Maggiore, a year ago”
  1. amagergov says:

    I remember this day, when he passed. I had not really become active in the community, but I had read his pieces, and was touched by the quality of this.

    Rest in peace Nick. God rest your soul.

  2. Überstadt says:

    Beautiful tribute. I thank him for his contributions to micronational journalism.

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