Egtavia and Kozuc have joined the Federal Republic

Assembly also approves OBS nominations

St.Charlians have waken up this morning with 45 new neighbours: yesterday evening, the General Assembly unanimously approved the entrance of Kozuc and Egtavia as Federations, together with a few promotions to the Order of the Blue Star.

Prime Minister Reinhardt has enthusiastically commented the matter saying he is “very happy to collaborate with both federations and their political class, as now the real work comes”. In the next days, Reinhardt will be contacting Federal Governors in order to draft a law proposal that develops the internal workings of federations. Indeed, after the entrance of Kozuc, with its 4 cities, “local politics will need a reform, it’s something we haven’t done in the past because we didn’t feel the need, but now we’ve got to act“, said Reinhardt.

Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, Minister of Justice said: “the country needs to adapt its legal system to federations too. We’re hoping to develop the current legal code as I’ve heard some interest from the former Kozuc judges”.

Leaders of Kozuc and Egtavia, Riley Small and Peter Bralesford, have not yet commented the matter, but reports claim that the Government has already contacted the two neo-Governors concerning their membership and plans for the incoming days.

In other news, seven people yesterday have been awarded the Order of the Blue Star, while five others have been promoted: James Puchowski has been promoted to the rank of Commander, followed by Daniel Morris, Jamie Sutherland, Peter Bralesford and Leonard von Sternberg who are now Officers of the Order. Riley Small, Lucien Albertschine, Lucas Mello, Sebastian Linden, Marka Mehakhansk, Jonathan of Austenasia, and Samuel Krimmer have been knighted.

3 Responses to “Egtavia and Kozuc have joined the Federal Republic”
  1. Philip Fish says:

    Congratulations to all 🙂

  2. 🙂 😦 😛 😀 :-X

    X_X T_T



  3. dancarblog says:

    Why have these two micronations joined St. Charlie? Because they wanted to?

    King of Danland 🙂

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