East Anglia sees micronational gathering for first time

A failed summit expected for the League of Ten has turned into an even more interesting event last Sunday when the United Draegan Republics hosted the 2012 ‘Chairs of East Anglia’ Summit. The gathering, which lasted from noon to 6pm, was hosted by Daniel Morris and saw the participation of Tom Turner, of Rukora, King John Gordon of Firdanor and King Dominic of Domanglia.

From the official reports sent by the event coordinators, the leaders met at Huntingdon station and quickly reached the UDR after a short visit to the town. The League of Ten was still an important discussion theme as the leaders visited Praetorian Hall and assisted to the hoisting of the Draegan flag. Following the talks, treaties between the four nations were signed and Skype conversations were held later until late in the afternoon.


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