Digging up some history

The Original Six

Founded on June 5th, 2011, the second Nemkhav Federation has become one of the most famous and influential micronations in our community. Indeed, it has grown so much that it is said to be the greatest nation project ever to have been created.

The first state to join the Federation was Koss, at the time officially known as the Republic of Koss: my state. In June 15th, only ten days after the foundation of Nemkhavia and eighteen days after the foundation of Koss did we join the Federation. At the time, I did not have much experience, and neither had I the understanding of how the community worked as I now do. Yet, of two things I was sure:

  1. The Federal Republic of St. Charlie was the ‘most popular’ micronation within the community, and
  2. The Nemkhav Federation was going to turn out to be something big, and I wanted to have a hand in its making.

After some negotiations, Koss was in. Just to give an idea of how small we were, the joining of Koss doubled Nemkavia’s population. At the time, we didn’t even have a formal meeting place; we all just communicated through email. After a month, Isabela Mello, my sister, became the first Prime Minister of the Nemkhav Federation, while I rose to be one of the President’s advisors. Interestingly enough, my sister rose to this seat of power holding one secret, which none but I knew: she was under ten years of age.

A few days later, we had the unfortunate problem that became known as the “Linden Scandal”. Pristinia had applied to become a part of the Federation, and was accepted. Yet, the nation was not allowed back into the community. The scandal was such that Mejakhansk, President of Nemkhavia, saw himself obliged to record himself, in order to send a message to the community. After further discussions, Pristinia was not only a part of Nemkhavia, it was also back into the community. With this, Sebastian started to write several bills and acts to be proposed in the Main Assembly. The Federation was getting popular.

By August, the Kingdom of Vian and West Germania joined us, and at this point Marka started the nomination of the ministers. I was appointed the Minister of Economy, Penda got Culture, Samuel was placed in Infrastructure, and Sebastian was nominated Minister of Technology. And boy, did our technology get a boost. We finally had our own meeting place, our own forum. Our first ‘major’ technological achievement within Nemkhavia. The last member of our little group joined in the middle of September: The Republic of Berin. How Berin joined our group is actually a rather interesting story. We were all sitting in a pub and I jokingly said to Samuel: “Did you know? Berin is joining us.” Samuel got excited at this, but Berin’s President Ricardo was confused and explained that Berin was not actually joining us. Samuel and I proceeded to explain all about the Federation, and at the end of our reunion, he was eager to join us in our exploit. He proposed it to the legislature, it was approved, and the decision came to rest unto our shoulders. Obviously, we accepted him with our arms wide open.

Until mid-November, everything was fine, all were happy, our system proven, without a doubt, to work. We were passing at least three laws a week, two other states (Yurtyzstan and the LDR) had been accepted into our group. In other words, all was fine. Yet, nothing gold can last. The Berinese President informed us that with the upcoming elections in the Republic, and with the Federation joining GUM, “Berin was slowly watching the decrease of its benefits in Nemkhavia”. Days later, Berin declared its independence. I cannot honestly say that I wasn’t irate by this declaration. In fact, I was driven in such a rageful tantrum that I wrote an outrageous motion to condemn Berin. Although it received the support of the majority, the issue was thankfully forgotten with time. By the end of the elections, with Sam winning by two votes, the issue was already ‘water under the bridge’. Yet, it is worth noting that one of these votes came from the Province of Greater Monseyside, widely known as a puppet state of Seb. Also noteworthy is the fact that the reason which I resigned as a candidate for President was that I was genuinely scared over the chance I had of winning it.

By December, the Federation became rather inactive, mainly due to family reunions due to Christmas. Yet, in this midst, there was one incident which brought us all back together on task. The infamous GM issue. Linden was discovered to have been enjoying an unfair advantage in the Nemkhav Legislature through the state of Provinve Greater Monseyside, and thus was a threat to the Nemkhavian democracy. With both Berin and Pristinia declaring independence, I had begun to wonder if the Federation was, indeed, the best thing for Koss. While I was planning on an inquiry, Sean already had plans for leaving, whose plans were soon joined by Sam. When I finally made the decision to leave, I first informed Marka of my reasons to do such. They were:

  • The lack of activity. Nothing, besides passing motions, was done in months, no dicussions, no ideas/plans, no nothing.
    • The amount of newcomers and their lack of maturity and understanding of how things work.
    • ·A proof to this statement would be Hakimoto,who believes he has “experience”. As Linden says: “A pretentious megalomaniacal arrogant twit. He acts like he’s a fucking pro who’s been here forever. He isn’t. He’s a fucking noob who has as much experience as Westsylvania.”
    • The lack of activity by Marka himself, Sam and Sean. This left Alex as the only sensate, professional and active person around, which unfortunately was not enough.

Shortly after declaring independence, I was chatting with Ricardo, and we reached an analogy regarding what happened to Nemkhavia: “Nemkhavia is like Two and a Half Men. The 1st Generation of Nemkhavia (The Original Six) is with Charlie Sheen, and the 2nd Generation (Current) is with Ashton Kutcher. It only retains its “fame” due to the previous.” Although I shall most likely receive numerous replies from Alex and Hakimoto due to the previous statement, I still support this as my own opinion, shared by many former Nemkhavian politicians. I am also forced to say that Nemkhavia is still going in the wrong direction, in that by giving their states so much autonomy (the right of their own currency, to have their own military, etc) is only separating more and more the Federation. This, along with other things which I have been observing, lead me to believe that, within the year, it shall be no more.

I believe this is it. As I have stated in many other occasions, Nemkhavia is an Academy. People go there, learn what they can, and leave to create their own path. That would be in a perfect world. Yet, it seems to me that for each generation of micronationalists that passes, we become more and more ignorant, and less and less mature, enough to raise some eyebrows over the future of the Federation.

Now, I have kept myself occupied. I went around our community asking the original six whether they had any messages to give regarding their time spent in Nemkhavia. These were the messages received:

“Certainly that I am happy to be what we are right now. I loved my time in Nemkhavia and I will respect Marka always, but I will not say I fully support the current Nemkhavia in its members.” – Ricardo Oviedo, former President of Berin.

I’m most proud of how each Nemkhav state has contributed to the Federation, i’m proud of the different languages, the different cultures and all the differences that make the Federation what it is.”  – Marka Mejakhansk, former President of Nemkhavia.

Well, I think the Federation was a good idea in theory, but ultimately it will always end up being too dynamic to get any real projects or so done, which, if I’m not mistaken, was what it was supposed to be good at – projects. The thing is if people are busy disagreeing with each other and/or leaving and/or accomodating new members, they won’t have any time left to do anything actually relevant, as we’ve observed in Nemkhavia so far. After all, it has existed for almost a year now and still hasn’t *really* accomplished anything major at all…” – Sebastian Linden, former monarch of Pristinia.

The Nemkhav Federation is positive because it is a united front. Despite the autonomy that its states have, there was always a feeling of being Nemkhav and others would regard you as Nemkhav and rank you high in their estimation regardless of your humble beginnings. It was a great opportunity to raise an insignificant, publically inexperienced micronation. It would’ve been more likely that I would’ve stayed there if West Germania weren’t based on such a strong cultural emphasis – I admired and still do admire the Nemkhav pride and part of me will always be Nemkhav, but I knew that I had to forge my own path to progress with the Germanic identity and political career that I felt to be right. Nemkhavia has not gone down in my estimation since my departure and neither should it in anyone else’s. It is a great, organised, harmonious federation with clear goals for its future.” – Sean Anderson, King of the West Germania

Well, as many know, I was president of Nemkhavia for nearly 3 months before I left. I saw most of the “original six” come and go, as I was the third (or was it fourth?) nation to join Nemkhavia. When I joined I first became the Minister for Infrastructure, later joining up with Mr. von Linden in the VF, and becoming President. When I left, there were no hard feelings and the relations between the Saxon Empire and the Nemkhav Federation have remained friendly.” – Samuel Krimmer, former President of Nemkhavia


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