Kozuc updates Commonwealth membership, becomes Federation

Reinhardt: “Kozuc will already join Commonwealth by tonight”

The Soviet State of Kozuc, which was already expecting to become a Permanent Territory of the St.Charlian Commonwealth by tonight, has decided to apply for Federation status.

The news reached the Observer yesterday night when Mr. Small, now serving as President of Kozuc, announced he would have published a video statement regarding his new policy towards the Kozuc-St.Charlian diplomatic relations. The video address was published this morning.

Small’s decision to make Kozuc join St.Charlie was followed by thoughts on Kozuc’s position within the MicroWiki sector, eventually apologising for “lies” and “fake” declarations regarding his micronation. “We’d like to get out of that -said the President of Kozuc- I know this may come across odd, but I’m seeking […] to apply to become a federation […] because we already applied to become a Permanent Territory, and I just thought that we can’t continue like this. I had a great time there”.

“We find it a comprehensible decision and I support Kozuc’s entrance within St.Charlie, being Mr. Small also a politician I learned to trust -added Prime Minister Reinhardt- but we need to be sure that Kozuc will embrace a stable political scheme. That’s the only thing that worries my cabinet so far”.

In the meantime, the vote for Kozuc’s application as Permanent Territory within the St.Charlian Commonwealth will end tonight at 9pm GMT+1.

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