James Lunam is the new President of St.Charlie

Final count gives 7 for Lunam, 2 for Gallo della Loggia

General Assembly, 9pm. The results come out officially from the mouth of speaker Valentina Marchesi, though journalists and politicians predicted the winner already days ago. James Matthias Lunam, the diplomat and veteran of the November Revolution, is the third President of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.

The announcement rapidly reaches the Federation of Tor Pendente, where yesterday a state of emergency was declared by Governor Evans due to the massive snowing that literally blocked the streets of the capital city. However, this didn’t stop a few citizens from congratulating the new President on the internet. Messages on Facebook and Skype by nationals and foreign micronationalists seem supportive: “He appears to have done well in his other roles in the past: I look forward to see if he can be just as good a President” said Tom Turner.

“This is maybe the first time where we can expect a comeback of the Golden Era thanks to a presidential election”, said Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, who congratulated her opponent in public through our newspaper. Prime Minister Reinhardt commented on Lunam’s victory saying that “surely such outcome will see a lot of changes in our small nation. Lisa Cassidy was more of an “internal” President. This time, we have a man who knows the international spheres”.

Lunam is expected to address the nation for the first time as Head of State on February 4 through the SCBN, after the State of Emergency declared yesterday evening and the severe weather conditions forced the Governor’s Palace to suspend the official ceremony that was planned for the same evening.

Lunam’s election as President gives a strange feeling to many citizens, especially those who followed the 2010 Elections that saw Lisa Cassidy winning against Alberto Schönfeld. Two years ago we had a local assembly member against a journalist. This time, the MPs had to choose between a diplomat and a former Socialist party leader, both of them well-known in the microsphere. When the ballots were still open, the names of the two candidates already predicted that no matter who would have won, an interesting person would have taken the job.

The general feeling is clear, even within those who do not support the Tor Pendentian diplomat: with the election of James Lunam, a new chapter for St.Charlian history is opened. For the first time in a presidential election, people celebrate a micronational politician, though only in front of their computer screens, while the older citizens think back of the days of New Ridgeway. The Cassidy Era is officially over.

2 Responses to “James Lunam is the new President of St.Charlie”
  1. Congratulations to Mister Lunam! I, on behalf of Danesland, wish him luck during his term as President of St. Charlie.

  2. The best of luck to St.Charlie and James Lunam

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