State of emergency after adverse weather conditions

Governor of Tor Pendente Elizabeth Evans has declared a state of emergency for both federal counties as a result of severe weather impacting the state, a spokesperson declared yesterday evening. By declaring a state of emergency, the Governor has authorized the St.Charlie Armed Forces and other agencies to assist communities and make the appropriate assessments of damage. As of this morning, no damage has been recorded, though the capital city has been declared “impracticable”.

Severe snowstorms and straight line winds have begun moving into the state yesterday morning at around 10am. In Puntarossa, snow has reached 30cm yesterday evening.

“The Armed Forces will continue to monitor this severe weather and have already started removing snow from the main streets. It’s not much, but it’s significant micronationally” declared Governor Evans. “I urge all citizens to watch out in case they decide to leave their homes. The severe weather outbreaks of last year is still fresh on our minds and is a reminder that we must take the threat of severe weather seriously”.

The military personnel stationed in Tor Pendente hves upgraded their activation level. Additional staff is on hand to monitor the system.


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