Linden’s closet has one more skeleton

What is really behind Pristinia’s exit from the Nemkhav Federation

Get ready for something mindblowing. Something really big, but which still hasn’t been made public or commented on as we speak. I don’t wish to create a situation of conflict here, but simply to tell the story and make micronationalists aware of the situation. It may be considered a crisis by some, but I think it was just a panic attack, something that we, as a community, are prone to at times.

The whole thing started on a December 14th when I had a discussion with Alex Whitmarsh of Lewisham (Nemkhav Federation) regarding the fairness of Sebastian Linden of Pristinia effectively having an extra vote in the Nemkhav House of Territories (which is made up of all the Leaders of the Federation’s various constituent nations) through the Province of Greater Monseyside (GM).

Why do I claim the Province is Linden’s puppet? Well, the first Governor was never in contact with any Nemkhav politicans except for Mr. Linden. The second governor has participated in two conversations in the Nemkhav Government Skype Chatroom, and he wasn’t even governor at the time.

The possibility for Mr. Linden to pilot the Province’s vote arises from the fact that a Province is not considered a full fledged member of the Nemkhav Federation; that is, it is not a “State of the Federation”. Rather, it is a sort of sub-unit of a “State”. However, it is still given a vote in the House of Territories through its Governor. It is as if all of St.Charlie’s federations got a vote in the House, were the Federal Republic to join. Mr. Linden’s scope for influencing his Province, GM, is thus enormous.

Following this, Mr. Whitmarsh and I contacted Marka Mejakhansk, founder of Nemkhavia. Mr. Mejakhansk agreed with us and introduced a motion, “To Abolish Provinces”. This culled all Provinces within the Nemkhav Federation by merging that of Greater Monseyside with Pristinia and that of Cooley with the Skajackan Republic; while promoting the Province of Bowden to the status of  State. The subtext to all this was an implicit accusation to Mr. Linden: that Provinces were liable to influence by their parent States and thus were a medium for unfair voting in the Federal Assembly.

Predictably, Mr. Linden rose up in arms and declared that the Assembly couldn’t simply decide a state’s or province’s destiny. As a result, J.J Hakimoto of Yurtyzstan amended the motion to simply allow the Provinces to choose whether to be absorbed by an existing State or be promoted to that status. However, the amendment contained yet another veiled snipe at Mr. Linden when it “noted” that “whether the opinions of these Provincial leaders are their own, unaffected by undue influence, is questionable.” Only the Kingdom of Pristinia and the Nation-State of Vian voted against the amended motion.

On December 17th, Mr. Linden told me during a conversation that: “when this or any motion like this passes, Greater Monseyside will become its own state, rendering the motion useless in fulfilling its original purpose.” This is the last proof needed to confirm what the motion was all about. And although he didn’t say “I am using Greater Monseyside” it is pretty clear that he was and would continue to use it even if the motion passed. Minutes later, Mr. Linden declared the independence of the Kingdom of Pristinia and of the Province of Greater Monseyside.

This decision was to have serious repercussions on the GUM and Nemkhavia. Firstly, once Mr. Linden announced in the GUM Quorum that Pristinia had seceded from Nemkhavia, some delegates questioned whether he could retain his Vice-Chairmanship, as he was no longer a citizen of a member state. However, Mr. Linden pointed out that there exists no such specific requirement.

Secondly, his departure left a power vacuum in Nemkhavia over the Christmas holidays, as the President was absent and the Vice-President (Mr. Linden himself) had just left. The House of Territories of Nemkhavia decided to nominate Mr. Hakimoto as Vice-President-tempore, who then appointed Mr. Whitmarsh as the Nemkhav delegate to the GUM. Mr. Linden took exception to this and claimed Nemkhav politicians were “coup d’étating …[their] own nation”. However, I reminded him that he was no longer a member of the Nemkhav Federation and thus had little scope to interfere in its internal affairs. In the end, the GUM Chairperson decided to confirm Linden’s Vice-chairmanship but deprived him of all privileges and duties of his office until Pristinia’s membership was voted upon.

Soon after this, John Gordon of Sakasaria granted Mr. Linden Sakasarian citizenship, which enabled him to sidestep the whole issue. This was strongly condemned as an act of corruption by Mr. Sörgel and I. It must be noted, as Riley Small from Kozuc pointed out, that although the action was unethical and malicious, it was not illegal.

This seems to have been the turning point of the whole affair, as Mr. Linden lost his temper while debating with Mr. Sörgel and said: “I’ve had enough of your bloody bullshit. Will you shut up? You have about as much to do with this as I have with Egyptian economic policy so, please, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, shut up!” This outburst prompted many delegates to question whether this was the sort of behavior befitting the GUM’s Vice-Chair, and Mr. Linden decided to storm out of the chatroom and withdraw Pristinia’s membership application.

In conclusion, it is pretty clear to me, and now I hope to all you too, that Sebastian Linden was enjoying an unfair advantage in the Nemkhav Legislature through illegal, and was thus representing a threat to Nemkhav democracy.

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