Inside the GUM – Let’s get to know it

The GUM Loogo

Welcome to another new section here on the St.Charlian Observer, Inside the GUM, aiming to provide a weekly article from the perspective of an insider.

Firstly, what is this organization that was “recently” re-founded, and currently counts 15 full members and 3 provisional ones?

The Grand Unified Micronational was originally founded in 2009, but was later disestablished by its then Chair James Puchowski. In August, it was discovered that Mr. Puchowski`s term had already ended when he shut down the GUM, which meant the organization was inactive but not dead. Will Sörgel and Jacob Tierney then “refounded” the organization with the help of other micronational leaders. Since then, it has become the most respectable and sought-after intermicronational organization in the MicroWikiSector, partly due to the collapse of the Organization of Active Micronations (OAM).

Today, I am going to talk about the first two Quorum sessions of 2012 and the GUM Lounge.

According to the Charter of the GUM:

The Quorum of Delegates is the supreme organ of the Grand Unified Micronational. It is the primary representative body of all member states and consists of designated representative officials from the governments of all member and observer states.” Its session are held weekly, specifically on Sunday.

During the first Quorum of 2012, one of the delegates’s concern was that since the OAM was disestablished, many nations would try to join the GUM, and the organization would therefore become too “crowded”. To solve this issue, a motion was proposed to place a cap on full membership, which was set at 18, and on provisional membership, which was set at 5. A new observer membership was also created, as described by its promotor, Jonathan Nobilissimus Caesar:

We create a new state of membership, a proper observer status, practically identical to what is currently held by St.Charlie, Francisville and Bokonton, except that these observers shall not be permitted to speak in Quorum.

However, this motion raised a significant issue. The GUM Constitution considers Provisional membership and observer membership synonymous, thus creating a clash. This is but one reason for the GUM’s recent activity on a Constitutional Reform, which was given the go-ahead after the January 8th Quorum. The Constitution Reform is expected to address:

  • The codification of powers and duties of the Vice-Chair
  • The separation between Observer status and Provisional membership
  • The suspension and expulsion of inactive member-states who have not attended Quorum in one month

The Grand Unified Micronational is today, the most prestigious and professional organization in the MicroWikiSector, and its members hope that this “status”  will be maintained for months to come.


For the full history of the organization, click here.

And please take your time to vote in our poll on the new layout if you haven’t done so already! Voting closes on January 20th!


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