Landashir has its first companions

Earlier today, the Landashir’n Government released a publication that announced the first recipients of the newly established national award – the Companion of the Community of Landashir.

Among the list of St.Charlian recipients are statesman Alexander Reinhardt, National Party politician Heinrich Schneider and Socialist Party politician, now Dr. Fabiana Gallo della Loggia. Elsewhere, other notable micronationalists such as Jacob Tierney, Peter Bralesford, Jamie Sutherland, Will Soergel and Joseph Puglisi were all recipients.

The Premier of Landashir, James Puchowski told the Observer that he was “extremely pleased” to dish out these awards, hoping that it would “encourage relations and the ever growing friendship between Landashir and the rest of the micronational world”.

Landashir is currently celebrating 10 years of existence in the micronational community.

One Response to “Landashir has its first companions”
  1. You do realise that the USLSSR is part of the Nemkhav Federation.

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