Decision 2012: Cassidy changes dates, new capital city

President Lisa Cassidy has recently intervened and officialised the proceedings of the General Elections by moving the Election Day to December 30. A presidential decree, published yesterday evening and issued on November 29, sees the election dates slipped by a week. Initially, the days were set from December 14 to December 21. Now, St.Charlians will go to the ballots from December 21 until the 30th.

Candidates are now allowed to have the campaign for 18 other days while the first session of the General Assembly must be held between December 31 and January 6. “If all goes well, everyone should be back to work by January 8, when the President will confirm the new government” said a Spokesman of President Cassidy.

Cassidy has also decreed that the capital city of St.Charlie will be Tor Pendente, “until the new government is established”.


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