New Branson proposed as elections get closer

“We will vote separately from Tor Pendente. District needs a new territory”, said the President of District, Barbara Ruvolo last week when discussing the District issue at the dawn of the 2012 elections with other National Party candidates. Now, things are official. Talks with local citizens have resulted in a new region that will host a new federation for all the citizens of Branson that should have moved to Tor Pendente after the withdrawal of the capital city from the Federal Republic, scheduled to November 25. “We hold nothing against the Federation of Tor Pendente -said Ruvolo- but we believe a place closer to our homes is better”. The president also argued whether all the citizens could be represented by only one Parliament representative, which would have been the case if everyone was moved to Branson. The National Party already confirmed her as NPSC candidate whether the citizens registered in District would have found a new home, and now, it seems like a territory was founded.

Its name is likely to be New Branson and it will be located 3km from the Federation of District. Like all the other regions, it is physically owned by a citizen which has authorised the transfer of sovereignty as soon as the vote is dealt by the General Assembly, who will start deciding on it this afternoon. In the meantime, a formal request was sent to Prime Minister Alvisi regarding the new capital city: Federal presidents have proposed Tor Pendente until the elections are dealt with, in order to leave the matter to the new government.

Inactive citizens will be also discussed this week, with a proposal handed out by the National Party and which should reduce the population by removing  about 40 inactive citizens.


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