Bronisz succeeds Schneider in party leadership, District on the loose

Still no news from the Socialist Party

 The last week was shown crucial for national politics, as the news of Silvio Berlusconi’s resignation invaded the country with mass celebrations, but also fear of the new Prime Minister, Professor Mario Monti.

But it’s time to talk about other elections: Minister of Culture Patryk Adam Bronisz has succeeded former National Party minister and parliament member Heinrich Schneider, confirming his participation in the incoming general elections. Reinhardt, which will be discussing  the political program of the National Party this week, was the main promoter behind Bronisz’s nomination. “He knows better than anyone what should, and shouldn’t be done by a micronational government”, he said lately. Schneider is expected to attend the meeting as well.

Governor Ruvolo’s participation, however, is unlikely. The NPSC politician, after meeting with the land owners of the Federation this weekend in Puntarossa, has announced this Sunday that District will return to Italy by November 25, instead of last Friday. On an announcement published this morning, she claims that plans for a new federation will be discussed this week. Her intention is to preserve the electoral college instead of merging it with the one of Tor Pendente. “We will form a separate federation in 2012 anyway, so need for more bureaucracy”, she told the press lately.

In the meantime, the Socialist Party hasn’t yet published the name of its candidates for the general elections, after Prime Minister Alvisi’s decision  to not seek re-election. General Secretary Magnus de Armis declared last week that the candidates would have been presented by Sunday, though this did not take place.


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