Decision 2012: Alvisi will not seek re-election

Incumbent Prime Minister Nicolò Alvisi is stepping down as the main Socialist candidate after declaring yesterday that he will not seek re-election to a second term. Magnus de Armis, former running mate and Secretary of the Socialist Party, is likely to represent the St.Charlian left wing at the next elections.

Everything started yesterday afternoon, when Alvisi declared on the Official Forum his intention not to run for the next elections. “I can’t do anything but to understand his anger over the inefficiency of my government over an issue such as the supposed electoral irregularities of last year. -said Alvisi regarding the recent letter by Schneider- I will not defend myself either, because finding excuses […] would be childish and provocative”.

Fabiana Gallo della Loggia has been nominated as Schneider’s successor at the Ministry of Education, an ad interim position until the next elections take place.

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  1. […] name of its candidates for the general elections, after Prime Minister Alvisi’s decision  to not seek re-election. General Secretary Magnus de Armis declared last week that the candidates would have been presented […]

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