The Comeback of Reinhardtism?

Alexander Reinhardt has confirmed tonight that he will run for the National Party at the 2012 General Elections. The decision was taken after Heinrich Schneider’s post on the St.Charlian Forum, who has confirmed his resignation from any political position -30 days before the dismissal of the General Assembly-, including the leadership of the NPSC. “In light of recent events, it looks like I will have to take the lead again and try for a non-consecutive third term” said Reinhardt lately. Patryk Bronisz, current Minister of Culture. is likely to become Reinhardt’s running mate.

Prime Minister Alvisi has not yet commented the sudden departure of Schneider from the St.Charlian political sphere. Sources claim, however, that at the time Schneider’s post was published, he was attending a halloween party at the Governor’s Palace in Tor Pendente, together with President Cassidy, James Lunam, and Reinhardt himself. The Secretary of the NPSC has also confessed to the Observer that a discussion was held with former President of Tor Pendente, Valentina Marchesi, with the hope to see her candidacy with the National Party for the incoming federal elections.

Talking about Schneider’s departure, Reinhardt has shown “sadness”, “but democracies are also about disagreements, so I’d wait for Alvisi to intervene about this matter before jumping to any conclusion”.

3 Responses to “The Comeback of Reinhardtism?”
  1. Something seems incredibly fishy here.

    • Heinrich Schneider says:

      Putting aside the fact that you have offered no explanation of your comment, Mr. Puglisi, nothing is fishy at all. I have expressed my legitimate grievances against a government I could not stand being part of anymore.

      My discomfort with the government has translated into a discomfort with St.Charlian politics in general and therefore I decided not to run from Prime Minister for 2012. At that point, Mr. Reinhardt was the obvious choice.

      So please don’t try to make my personal decision regarding an issue I feel strongly about a conspiracy theory of some sort. We’ve had enough of those in the community already, thank you very much.

  2. I knew he’d run again, I just knew it!

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