Reinhardt’s Corner: everyone just got trolled

Yes, I’m confused too.

I don’t usually meddle in internal affairs, for the simple reason that I think that “dirty laundry is better to be washed within the family boundaries”. However, when something done ends up affecting a large portion of people, and considering that we’re talking about a “soon-to-be Conch Republic”, then I try to understand what is going on. Furthermore, if, like Marka Mejakhansk, the events are followed by a sentiment of frustration, I’m afraid I’ll have to state my point of view.

I will not criticise anyone. In fact, it’s up to you to determine, through my article, what happened in the last hours following the so called “Kozuc unifcation”. Bare in mind that what was said here was not made up, but rather taken from the exact posts by Everette Millet and Riley Small. Get ready.

Yesterday, a post on the “Voice of Chance”, the primary news source of Kozuc, claimed that “Operation Jdub” was carried out successfully. The newspaper affirmed that East Kozuc authorities were able to “capture” high officials from the West following a rocambolesque adventure that saw airsoft threats and a tree destroyed by airsoft guns. But wait, the intentions of the East were not violent: they just wanted to sign a treaty and unify Kozuc, actually. The soldiers shooting were just to protect the situation, rather than threatening the Westeners (so yeah, the tree was basically bothering the operations). Both parties agreed to unify and Kozuc was united.

No wait! This is not how it happened! Everette Millet has another version: apparently they were ambushed by the West, and Riley pointed an airsoft gun at his head. No one was able to call the “real cops” as they felt threatened, and later, after being escorted to the backyard garden, Millet was “forced”, while almost crying, to unify the two nations. But now he’s Chancellor and he was able to shoot with their guns, so everything is alright.

Hum, okay, fair enough. But let’s see what happened next.

Obviously not everyone outside agreed with the movement: Philip Stone of Harleck, thinking that the Westeners were basically forced to sign the treaty, denounced the situation on the Forum. Mac Coat of Westsylvania followed its remars by asking for a “Free West Kozuc”. But the answers are quick: despite an apparently dangerous situation, now both Millet and Small are okay with what happened. Maybe they don’t agree with the way the operation was carried out, but now everyone is happy.

Wait a second. So this means that.. they ignored everything that happened before? All those apparent combats and cold wars? Yes, apparently there was no actual “hostage crisis”. No wait, there was one, everything was real! Kozuc has pictures! But, wait a second.. those are parodies of the event. So despite the fact that Millet was threatened and almost cried, he still had the time to take some pictures with the people who held him hostage before.

So, what about all the crisis and ambushes? Didn’t they say that there was almost a war? What about the reciprocal attacks? So there wasn’t any, or maybe there was one, but it was all organised. Yes, that could be the only solution. So.. hum.. we were being lied to. Serious supporters, people who were ready to give a hand, journalists, serious people who thought Kozuc was ready to become a micronation. Yeah, you just got trolled. But hey, wait, we’re still talking about Kozuc.

18 Responses to “Reinhardt’s Corner: everyone just got trolled”
  1. To be honest, I have not really paid attention to this supposed crisis. I had an internal argument with my government that nearly got out of hand last night, so I didn’t really have the time. And, to be honest, I generally don’t pay too much attention to arguments that do not involve us as a micronation or me personally.

    • I agree, and which is why my government didn’t even discuss this in the first place. I just believed it was right to dedicate it a few lines of text because I feel many people were treated like idiots while they took the matter seriously.

    • You’re not the only one who hasn’t paid attention. To be frank, I don’t concern myself with the latest “news” coming out of the Small (pardon the pun) micronations. Why we’re worrying about East and West Kozuc I have no idea.

  2. llamsr says:

    I think you have something mixed up. We never lied at all or organized this. We made parody videos after some micronationalists called me Nazis. We did use them to guard us and that was the intention but when the operation’s timing was off General Chaffy reacted violently against them. I then calmed them down and had one of my guards detain Chaffy, one of my own men. We signed the treaty half forced, half voluntarily but Millet recognizes the fact that this is for the better. Sorry, but we never lied or staged anything. Honestly, I would like to prove it somehow, do you think I could interview some people who were part of it or something like that?

    • No need to, the show is already over for me. However, what is still “strange” is that all of you have different stories for an event which saw all of you together: at first they oppose it, then they suddenly think it’s good. I’ve seen micronational quarrels, the real ones, and they sure don’t finish in 20 minutes and with a smile. Ask Zealandia.

      • llamsr says:

        We have different stories because they thought we shot at them and because I was in the front yard with some people and some were in the back yard. Simple.

  3. Royal House of Juclandia says:

    And I sincerely don’t care. As Quentin said, it’s not right to involve in their internal affairs, so they can do whatever they want as long it involves just their internal matters. ;D

  4. llamsr :

    We have different stories because they thought we shot at them and because I was in the front yard with some people and some were in the back yard. Simple.

    You guys are just worsening your situation. xD I’ll just stop commenting this.

  5. Westsylvania says:

    I guess Westsylvania should apologies for what happen yesterday. So I Mac C. Coat appologies for the actions of Westsylvania yesterday. I hope that Kozuc forgives us and let’s us get back to our normal jobs.

  6. secundomia says:

    I talked with Everett and riley over skype chat. They both said that no one was forced to sign anything.

  7. St.Charlian Observer Staff :

    llamsr :
    We have different stories because they thought we shot at them and because I was in the front yard with some people and some were in the back yard. Simple.

    You guys are just worsening your situation. xD I’ll just stop commenting this.

    And you are doing a pretty good job of that 😛

  8. SkyMarshal Hargis says:

    If Kozuc was a prostitute, she would be a cheap whore.

  9. llamsr :

    How many times do I have to tell you. He did not know why we were taking him hostage and he was afraid. When we finally got everyone to calm down we postulated the idea. How hard is that to understand.

    Now that’s a nice way of presenting yourself for a treaty. Did you allow him to call his lawyer before? xD

  10. Ricard Êuví says:

    I will always laugh at micronational war. Sorry Salapa, but apparently Ultamiya is the only active micronation that still has nerf fights in public playgrounds (Oooups! Gone too far? :trollface:) Anyway, this is so funny to read XD

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