Ambassadorial Council to set up work experiences

Participants to be given benefits if they later join St.Charlie

The Ambassaodiral Council will discuss this week a proposal by Alexander Reinhardt that would create micronational “work experiences” within the foreign affairs department. This would apparently be the first time a micronation sets up working stages, at least in the MicroWiki sector. Reinhardt, who handed out the proposal this morning, said to have gotten the idea from a message by leader of the now-defunct Sakaskaria, John Gordon, who claimed he was leaving the intermicronational scene for a short time after disestablishing his micronation.

From what Reinhardt proposed on the Ambassadorial Council’s forum this morning, micronationalists who desire to work within the Council for a short period of time would not need to acquire St.Charlian citizenship. This would be the first time in St.Charlian history that any micronationalist would be authorised to work in an office without the need of being forcedly part of the Federal Republic. “Trainees” would be given a short-time contract and a part-time occupation within the foreign office, giving them de facto an “auxiliary diplomat” status. Indeed, contrary to full-time St.Charlian diplomats, interns wouldn’t earn a  monthly salary (another project being currently discussed by the Alvisi Government) and would be granted observer statuses within the AC meeting rooms only. At the end of their stage, all participants will be given a certificate of merit.

But it’s not over: from what Reinhardt posted on the St.Charlian Forum, apparently those who complete the work experience would be given additional benefits if they decided to acquire citizenship within the Federal Republic or if they joined St.Charlie together with their micronation.

“The idea is really interesting, but we cannot let interns vote in our proceedings. For the rest, the proposal is very nice”, has said First Ambassador James Lunam this afternoon afte a reply by Reinhardt confirming that trainees will be granted observer status. “If the project works, we might extend it to other government offices, or the St.Charlian Observer” later added Reinhardt. The proposal, also announced on the MicroWiki Forum, will be apparently copied by the Nemkhav Federation and Freedomia.

2 Responses to “Ambassadorial Council to set up work experiences”
  1. Joshua Everson says:

    Good idea!

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