New capital, Alvisi: “searching cannot be like a dog show”

Disagreement between government and opposition. Prime Minister Nicolò Alvisi has recently intervened at the parliamentary session on the new region that will succeed District by claiming that “we cannot turn this into a call for competitive bids”, stating that in order not to turn the searching into a “dog show”, St.Charlie should federalise the capital and adopt a system similar to the one in the Netherlands, where although a capital exists, government institutions are located in another city or across the nation. “We cannot establish a new federation just for a new capital, as you’d have to fill it after with people”, added Alvisi.

“The idea of having different capitals to coincide with different functions is not stupid but is useless in a micronational context where there is no physical building housing the Parliament, the Government or the Courts. -replied Schneider- It would just make administration more confusing”.

Alvis, however, later added that “we’ve got a sort of building [in Tor Pendente] that could be considered an “historical palace”. In general, we have much more opportunities to create the social life and culture that we need. On the contrary, Greater Ridgeway is smaller, but has a multicultural aspect that could be used to attract new people in our Republic: it could become our administrative capital”.

“This is, I guess, a great opportunity to create a new icon of our Republic all over the micronational universe. Just like Germany in 1989” concluded the Prime Minister.


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