New capital: National Party takes over Parliament

Bronisz: “Capital must be cultural and social center”

The National Party of St.Charlie has been handing out, since Monday, several proposals for the new capital that will have to be approved by the General Assembly “as soon as possible”. Since the request by Parliament speaker Alexander Reinhardt to find a region that will succeed District after its sovereignty will be transferred back to Italy, the National Party has been literally taking over the Assembly by being the only movement right now who has provided ideas to the Government, contrary to the Socialists who haven’t yet joined the talks. However, the discussion may see the participation of Fabiana Gallo della Loggia this weekend. The session, colloquially known as “recapitaling”, has even been renamed by Patryk Adam Bronisz.

The debate, which currently saw NPSC Vice-Secretary Heinrich Schneider and Minister for Culture Bronisz as the main protagonists, has seen all the federations coming out of the hat: Tor Pendente, Greater Ridgeway, even Puntarossa as a separate region and Caroline Charlotte.

But a large presence of the National Party doesn’t mean that there is an agreement: Bronisz, who actually did not see the current issue as a “bad situation”, first proposed Greater Ridgeway as the new capital city, claiming this would help us becoming more of an “anglophone micronation”. This saw opposition from James Lunam who proposed mainland Tor Pendente or Puntarossa as capital, citing the activity of its population. Either it’s this or the new region in Rome that will be established for all the current citizens in District, says the Ambassador, but Reinhardt is quick: “The new capital should be functional as well […] we’re not forced to make [the new region] our new capital”.

But in order to satisfy everyone, Schneider proposes the American model: a “Capital District” to replace Puntarossa that will merely serve as sn “administrative and technocratic centre for the government”. Reinhardt likes it, waiting for Alvisi’s opinion, but Bronisz says no: the capital should also be the “cultural and social center of a country”, and as such, Greater Ridgeway, and now Tor Pendente as well, could take the place. Athlon Strauss, Secretary of the Treasury, has also commented the current issue: “It would be nice if the capital had also a key role -referring to physical venues- than just a symbolic value”.

In the meantime, the President of District Barbara Ruvolo has spoken: the capital city will be empty by the first week of November, “not even the time to organize the third anniversary”, comments Reinhardt. The current citizens registered in the “old federarion” are expected to be moved in a new region located next to District, but nothing is official yet.

In the last days of the “most beautiful city of St.Charlie”, that saw both democracy and the absolute monarchy, citizens are still hoping to see the National flag fly on Revolution Square, at least for one last time.

One Response to “New capital: National Party takes over Parliament”
  1. pristinia says:

    This is so sad…I swear if I ever get the spare cash (after paying $90m for establishing the Nemkhav Federation, that is…) I’ll buy this and give it back to Jacopo as a gift.

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