BREAKING: District to return as Italian territory

The Federation of District, which is the current home to Branson, the capital city, may not be part of St.Charlie by 2012. Yesterday morning, at a local conference in Puntarossa, later quoted on this weekend’s edition of Radio St.Charlie, the President of District, Barbara Ruvolo, has declared that the territory in which the current Federation -St.Charlie’s oldest- lies, is in the process of being sold by its current owners to an anonymous group. Sources from the District Local Assembly claim that the land was put on sale weeks ago and was acquired only recently.


A view of the Presidential Palace and Gardens, as seen from east Branson.

“It sure is sad news, but we cannot oppose this decision. I spoke this Friday to the owners of the house and they have confirmed that by 2012, we’ll no longer be able to excercise our jurisdiction over Branson, and more importantly, District” said Mrs. Ruvolo this morning when asked for a personal comment. Both the government and the opposition haven’t yet released a statement, though it was announced that the General Assembly will meet at a plenary session in the next days in order to discuss this issue.

District, the first St.Charlian Federation, established right after the end of the November Revolution, was home of the Kingdom from 2000 to 2008 and saw the St.Charlie Expo 2010 and numerous local events. It was owned by the former Royal family which allowed its use as St.Charlian territory since the drafting the Constitution.

No date has been given for the official transfer of sovereignty.

4 Responses to “BREAKING: District to return as Italian territory”
  1. It must feel like losing an important part of the nation. However, I’m sure St. Charlie will come out of this situation a stronger nation.

  2. Most unfortunate news, but St.Charlie will no doubt be able to organise a new capital to replace District. Sirocco too will likely be leaving Alston next year for fresher fields, so you can at least take comfort it knowing you won’t be the other ones in a scramble.

  3. That is such a shame 😦 but as King Quentin said St. Charlie will come out stronger

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