Former Royal document retrieved after 10 years creates “royal loophole”

Federation of District to contact Government on rights of former Royal family

The wife of former King, Patrizio I, shows the decree.

When St.Charlie abolished the monarchy in favor of a liberal democracy, the new Constitution was very clear: what belonged to the Kingdom would have become the property of the Federal Republic. Throughout the November Revolution, the House of Ruvolo, former royal house, currently living in District, was removed from power but granted citizenship, which was accepted by all its members, including the King, Patrizio I, and his daughter, who would have later become District’s first democratically-elected Governor, Barbara Ruvolo.

Nothing official was ever found about the disestablished Kingdom, and until yesterday, the old St.Charlie, the one that lasted for 8 years, was always regarded as a “joke”, a non-serious micronational project with no intention to enter foreign affairs. Especially after the death of Patrizio I, in 2009, the St.Charlian Government decided to close the chapter on the Kingdom, recognising it only as some sort of “my-house-is-my-empire” microstate.

However, things seem to have changed yesterday, when a small research inside the photographic archives of the House of Ruvolo unexpectedly revealed a document dating back to January 2001, a few weeks after the Kingdom was created. The “Royal decree” of January 15, 2001, was found by the former Queen Consort, Adriana, and was handed to me after the local government of District confirmed that the paper is indeed an original document from the now-defunct Kingdom of St.Charlie, despite the absence of Patrizio’s signature.

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Typewrited by His Royal Majesty after meeting with the “Count of Passoscuro”,  the decree basically established the “Order of the St.Charlian Crown“, a five-degree chivalric order given to all those who would have “distinguished themselves with actions of particular relevance, and in favor of the Nation”. Not only that, the decree clearly states that it is owned by the House of Ruvolo, and may be awarded by the living monarch as he wishes (“motu proprio“, as Patrizio wrote it). A phisical version of the medal, ironically, exists, and I had it in my collection for a long time without knowing what it really was. I even showed it to Daniel Morris, of Dorzhabad, one day, thinking it was an old medal from my grandfather.

Now this is when the situation gets interesting: as nothing was written by the new St.Charlie regarding this order, the medal seems to be now property of the Ruvolo family, who may still award it to who they wish. Nevertheless, Governor Ruvolo, who also happens to be the de facto heiress presumptive to the “St.Charlian throne”, has claimed that she wishes to contact the current Government and find a solution to this “royal loophole“, as we liked to call it, in order not to create an eventual awkward situation between the royals and the current leadership, and in order to solve legally the situation, as the question now is whether St.Charlie should somehow adopt the medal, or leave it to the Royal House, as it already happened with the House of Savoia in Italy. And also: who is the Count of Passoscuro?

I will keep you updated as the story continues. In the meantime, I am expecting to show the document at the 2011 Intermicronational Summit.. always if the Royal Family authorises me to take the paper.

3 Responses to “Former Royal document retrieved after 10 years creates “royal loophole””
  1. Dakoda George says:

    Just give the royal family a title and be done with it as an exchange.

  2. nemkhavia says:

    Leave the order to the royal family, I’d say. It’s not a problem, really.

  3. berinwordpress says:

    The St.Charlian government can do as the Government of Montenegro. The Royal family has a status in the government but not inside the leadership, the Royal family is protected and showed as part of the St.Charlian history and culture. The medal, as the Order, can be still awarded but by the Head of the Royal family, not by the Government as other St.Charlian orders.

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