National temperatures soar as heat wave continues

Cities across St.Charlie will swelter in temperatures of 35°C and above this weekend, said the Branson Weather station this morning, warning that the elderly and children are especially at risk. The agency has also specified that there are chances that the high temperatures will last for the rest of August, with the exception of Greater Ridgeway.

This afternoon, 30°C in the shade were recorded at the Presidential Palace in Branson, District. The capital city is expecting 37°C today and tomorrow, with humidity and temperatures decreasing only from next Wednesday onwards. The Federation of Tor Pendente will see temperatures up to 36°C this weekend, but rain is expected on Puntarossa for Monday. The Governor has issued a warning as high temperatures and weather conditions could have negative health effects on vulnerable people.

Meanwhile, in Caroline Charlotte, the weather station has confirmed that temperatures may rise up to 32°C this weekend, but could reach 35°C next week. In the overall, the weather was reported to be sunny – a rarity for the federation, especially during August.

6 Responses to “National temperatures soar as heat wave continues”
  1. James Wilary says:

    For the Americans, what is that in Fahrenheit?

  2. Philip Fish says:

    Pfft – 37°C is nothing 😛

  3. That’s a normal temprature here 😀

  4. I’m worried about this heat wave. Austin has gone 70 straight days with temperatures over 100 degrees. What about seniors? What are bedridden seniors supposed to do if their air conditioning breaks down during a heat wave? What about bedridden seniors with pets? Will someone come get them? How will they take care of their pets? Are their any vans that will pick up people and take them to the nearest cooling center? Will there be any nurses or doctors on hand that know how to take care of the elderly in such situations?

    What if there is a power outage during all this?

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