Expo: “Community is next step”

This morning at 11.05, the Governor of Caroline Charlotte, Leonard von Sternberg, has left the headquarters of the Ambassadorial Council. Alexander Reinhardt will leave for Branson this afternoon, marking the end of the 2011 Expo.

The meeting, that saw discussions and debates on the concept of “communitarism” within the Federal Republic, saw more than 10 participants every day between the building of the Ambassadorial Council and the Governor’s Palace in Tor Pendente. Here are the highlights of the exposition.

On August 16, the opening ceremony was marked by the 18th birthday of Ambassador James Lunam and a debate on modern micronationalism. Many participants found that there is a decline compared to the past years, where micronationalism was also a way to protest. “It just isn’t the same thing anymore” said Reinhardt during the meeting, backed by President Lisa Cassidy who denounced a growing number of 7th World micronations “who have no intention to improve”. Participants were also able to observe old documents from the single-party era, including the diary used by Reinhardt when St.Charlie was also used as a school project in London, during the Golden Era of New Ridgeway.

On August 18, the ending ceremony, citizens and participants had talks with Lunam and Reinhardt on foreign relations and how the form of government of a state should influence treaties. “The way in which a government works shouldn’t always influence our treaties, -claimed Lunam- but could be considered if it implies a strong violation of human rights”.

Despite the absence of Prime Minister Nicolò Alvisi and Governor of Tor Pendente Elizabeth Evans, many other themes were discussed outside official debates, including the incoming 2011 Intermicronational Summit of London. Reinhardt, who will be leading the St.Charlian delegation together with Heinrich Schneider, was asked to invite the attendees to discuss how micronationalism can become something useful. “Many people see micronationalism as just a hobby for lunatics, and sometimes they’re right -said Filippo, a citizen of Tor Pendente during a discussion- This is why it should become something more useful than just a simulation, especially during these days”. While debating, a few citizens also showed interest for possible football matches between unrecognised states and a possible revival of the now-inactive F.C St.Charlie was also mentioned. Throughout the Expo, Reinhardt and von Sternberg were also able to record scenes for the third season of the “NY Cops”.

The end of the 2011 Expo, preceded by the NPSC conference of District marked also the official end of a period where “hobby micronationalism” was the keyword for many Tor Pendentian citizens. There is the will of the citizens to do something useful, “but we cannot work alone, others should give a hand”, said President Cassidy.

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