BREAKING: State of Emergency requested for Greater Ridgeway

Governor of District Barbara Ruvolo has requested her colleague, leader of Greater Ridgeway Annabelle Pincer, to declare a state of emergency for her Federation after the last days’ incidents reported next to the old Ridgeway and throughout Britain. The Metropolitan Police has announced that violence and looting have taken place in the last two days, more precisely at the Ealing Broadway underground station, and a nearby Tesco. Compared to other areas, however, the situation remains stable.

“After what I was able to see on the news, I encourage the Federation to take the appropriate measures in order to protect its population. -said Ruvolo, who later added- This is a situation that goes beyond micronationalism, but we must still raise awareness over the current incidents”.

Pincer, NPSC, is currently on holiday in Italy, but has been following the events together with the rest of the NPSC, notably Heinrich Schneider, who should attend the 2011 Intermicronational Summit on August 24 together with Alexander Reinhardt. Should the riots still take place by the end of the month, the St.Charlian Delegation to the Summit may face some issues regarding their attendance, “though we believe it will not last for that much time”, added Reinhardt.

Other British micronations located next to the protests have already declared a state of emergency. The armed forces of the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics has been mobilised next to the Presidential Palace after “groups of rioters have been sighted little more than 200 meters from the […] residence”. In the Carshalton Sector, the military was put on alert and is now protecting Wrythe and Zephiria.

3 Responses to “BREAKING: State of Emergency requested for Greater Ridgeway”
  1. Burkland says:

    The “rioters” suck, state of emergency now! You are not my only friend who is close to the riots D:

  2. President Jackson Alexander of the Republic of Emerald Isle says:

    state of emergency seems the only choice. the rioters care nothing for feelings, micronation, or their stance. they only know destruction and anarchy.

  3. King Anthony says:

    St. Charlie you guys arent alone our people in the Province of South Leestan are crapping themselves too

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