Government’s stance on Natlandism


I must be at the wedding of Mr. Alvisi in a few hours, so I sincerely don’t feel like posting some serious stuff, also because there isn’t the need of it. Condemning him, writing about him, that’s what he wants, so I please ask you all to stop, unless you want a “Natlandist spectre” scattered all over the Community. Whoooo!!

Anyway, I’d love to meet these St.Charlian Natlandists. Give me their number, will ya, Max?

8 Responses to “Government’s stance on Natlandism”
  1. I can’t see a thing, there’s too many people in the way.

  2. Looking at the mud footprints on the floor, it appears to me that the Natlandists fled when you turned on the light.

  3. King Samuel I says:

    Those are tiles, Quentin. 🙂

  4. A wonderful article, M. Reinhardt. It humoured me so. Tell us about the wedding when you return, I will surely enjoy it.

  5. Forgive, the thing about Natlandists being in St. Charlie, I thought that there was an actual Natlandist party in St. Charlie. Sorry.

    -Executive Director,
    Max J. Kasbar

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