My big, fat, St.Charlian wedding

The first one, after the law was ratified.

Yes, it’s official: Prime Minister Nicolò Alvisi and his fiancée, Penelope Sanz, are “micronationally” getting married on July 9, 2011, in the Tor Pendente Presidential Palace. The private ceremony, that will be carried out by James Lunam, and already authorised by Governor Evans, counts several St.Charlian politicians and local citizens, and will be celebrated following the recent rules on civil partnerships ratified by the St.Charlian Parliament.

But how does a St.Charlian wedding work? After the Legal Code, designed by the same Alvisi, it is not based on religion, and is very similar to macronational civil unions, therefore, is only recognised, currently, within the borders of the Federal Republic, and maybe in Commonwealth states, as long as they’re okay with it. Citizens which are over 15 years of age can get married, and ceremonies can take place also if one of the spouses is not St.Charlian.

But back on topic: after a long period together, Alvisi is ready to walk down the aisle next Saturday and become the first citizen to ever get married within the Federal Republic. There were also rumours on a possible wedding involving President Cassidy, but said claims were later proved to be without references. The “Prime ministerial wedding” is expected to launch this celebration in the whole Federal Republic, and while married couples don’t get any benefit whatsoever from a civil union, it is still recognised by several citizens as a rather symbolic and original event.

The Armed Forces are expected to patrol the area around the palace, with General Guariberti personally attending the event. Other important guests include President Cassidy, Valentina Marchesi, Alexander Reinhardt, journalist Alberto Schönfeld and possibly Athlon Strauss. Heinrich Schneider and Leonard von Sternberg were invited as well, but were forced to refuse due to travelling issues.

The celebration is planned to last for the entire day.

6 Responses to “My big, fat, St.Charlian wedding”
  1. Bubba Marra says:

    Well, congratulations! I belive this would be the first time in the history of the MicroWiki Sphere that two people get “married” on purely micronational terms. Again, congratulations!

  2. Congratulations to the Premier Couple!

  3. Thantias says:


  4. I offer my most profound congratulations to the happy couple!

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