Cassidy’s approval ratings below 60%, says poll

A recent local poll by the Statistics’ Office shows that about 1 in 2 people actually support the current President of the Federal Republic, Lisa Cassidy. The approval rating for Ms. Cassidy has apparently dropped by 20% from the last poll made weeks after she was elected and which was only found again recently from an old USB drive. Just 55 percent of respondents approve of the way she is doing her job, compared to a 72 percent in the days immediately following her inauguration.

The latest survey jointly conducted over the last week by the cities of Puntarossa and Branson revealed the President’s approval rating had slumped. A good 60 percent of the participants are worried about her absence from foreign affairs, while about 30 percent of the poll respondents said she is just doing her job, which is protecting the Constitution. Surely better than the 5 percent who reported she hasn’t been doing anything constructive since the day she was elected. The poll has showed that currently, citizens in Puntarossa are more likely to support the President, contrary to Branson, where mixed opinions can be easily found.

Ms. Cassidy, the first non-canine St.Charlian Head of State since the Revolution, is currently facing growing pressure from the incoming Presidential Elections that will take place next spring and which see already two other challengers. One of them is the current First Ambassador of St.Charlie, James Lunam, who has already stated his intention to run and renounce to his diplomatic career. The second one is Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, although her declaration was not yet made official.

The President, St.Charlie’s second, succeeded former President and “founder” Whisky Archibald Walker, who died in office of old age in March 2010, and whose approval ratings still remain very high. Whisky, a West Higland Terrier, is still considered by many as the most popular Head of State that St.Charlie ever had. While his tenure was criticized as he was practically unable to carry out his duties, he benefited from a large consensus from the population who always opposed a replacement.

The Statistics’ Office which organised the poll said it was satisfied of the result and that only two cities were chosen because it was mainly a “test”. Another nationwide poll regarding the President’s approval ratings is expected for February 2012.

This poll was conducted among a random sample of 21 citizens, interviewed by telephone.

2 Responses to “Cassidy’s approval ratings below 60%, says poll”
  1. Joseph Puglisi says:

    As leader of a Permanent Territory, which is part of the Commonwealth and therefore President Cassidy has the title of ‘Supreme Protector of Tiana’. Now, to be honest, I’m not sure why her approval rating is low, because the position of President in St.Charlie and Supreme Protector of the Commonwealth is almost entirely a figurehead position.

    On the topic of next President and SP of Tiana, I’ve already suggested that Alexander Reinhardt run, but he seems reluctant to do this.

    My support currently lies with Fabiana Gallo della Loggia for her former leadership of the SCSP.

    • Well, the number of people interviewed is relatively low compared to our large population, but still counts a relatively large chunk of people from the Federation of District. Lisa Cassidy, in my personal opinion, is an interesting politician: while her participation on the forum is low and she always left the Ambassadorial Council working on foreign affairs, she has pushed St.Charlie to “offline politics”, putting a lot of importance in “real life” meetings and political practices. Some citizens see this as a weakness, as the President should take interest in foreign affairs too, but others praise her for giving back to St.Charlie the interest in our internal activity that we almost lost.

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