Commonwealth reforms in order to simplify structure

Territories’ structure is changed, as well as independence of Permanent Territories

The General Assembly has approved today a bill concerning the current structure of the St.Charlian Commonwealth; most importantly, the step taken by regions who wish to become part of the Federal Republic and acquire the Federation status was simplified, with Territories changing their political structure: now, a Territory will be defined as a St.Charlian region with no population, and thus, no need of a Local Assembly and a local Government. Such reform was also supported after the current status of the Federation of Cascia del Pinzanello, the largest of St.Charlie, which has been lacking of a stable population since October 2010, but was technically in need of a President. Plans of a possible merge with the Federation of District were rejected by its President, Barbara Ruvolo.

By changing the current status of Territories, Commonwealth regions, but also non-Commonwealth microstates, who now wish to join St.Charlie, will not require to be a Territory first anymore and can automatically request to become a Federation. Such change was supported by Overseas Ambassador, Riley Small, who is currently looking forward to set up a Federation made up of the former Kozuc claims. “Such bill makes the Federal Republic more organised. It’s a step forward for us”, said Small in a private conversation. Former Kozuc citizens are expected to request to join St.Charlie in the incoming days.

Permanent Territories are also subject of reforms. The decree gives the possibility to Commonwealth Governors to sit in the General Assembly as observers and legally puts them at the same level as the St.Charlian Prime Minister. “While the New Palermo talks for the Charter have been temporarily suspended due to schoolwork, such reforms enacted by the St.Charlian Parliament are still a way to promote independence within the Commonwealth”, said Alexander Reinhardt after approving the bill. Heinrich Schneider, who proposed the bill, said: “It’s an extremely important step forward in shaping an effective and functioning Commonwealth. With this bill under our belt, we can finally finish the Charter that St.Charlie, Landashir and Tiana are working together to write.”


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