Ambassadorial Council to discuss embargo against Istoria

While the Italian city of Rome gets prepared for the Europride, where almost 300,000 people are expected to attend, Overseas Ambassador Riley Small has motioned the Ambassadorial Council this morning to place a diplomatic embargo on the Kingdom of Istoria, following homophobic declarations by its current monarch, Max Kasbar.

Kasbar, leader since November 2009 and currently the only citizen of Istoria, has recently claimed on a Facebook group for micronationalists that homosexuals in Istoria would be “executed” and that he’s at war “with every communist country” of the micronational community. He also contacted the Overseas Ambassador in private claiming he currently does not recognise St.Charlie and other “secular micronations”.

The reasons behind the proposed embargo are simple: Ambassador Small declared to the Council that he is technically “fine with views that homosexuality is wrong because people are entitled to an opinion” but denounced the attempted “trolling” and the banal reasons behind the executions on gays. Furthermore, after Small, his stance on communist micronations is currently a public threat to a Commonwealth member, Tiana, which in the meantime has declared its support to Small’s proposal.

“Though a person is entitled to their beliefs, hate and trolling as well as the threat of the death penalty to a group of human beings because of their sexuality is oppression and can be considered genocide. This is an act against humanity and a hateful message to the entire gay community” said the diplomat. First Ambassador James Lunam is expected to reply within the day.

6 Responses to “Ambassadorial Council to discuss embargo against Istoria”
  1. Niels of Flandrensis says:

    Where can I find that Facebook group? I will start a discussion in the States-General of Flandrensis and the AMU about this information.

  2. Sandus, as of last night, is currently drafting a condemnation of Istoria and may be expecting a diplomatic embargo against Istoria as well.

  3. I don’t think Tiana even needs to comment after all I’ve said. I couldn’t hate Isotoria more right now.

  4. Starland says:

    Starland may soon pull relations with Istoria as well.

  5. We’ve never gotten along well with Istoria, and it’s no surprise to us that they’ve acted-up again. My advisers and I have agreed to embargo Istoria immediately.

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