Government refuses Atlantis defectors pushed by political crisis

Attempted infiltration was first considered, then discarded.

A spokesperson for Prime Minister Nicolò Alvisi has recently revealed that the Government has been receiving requests of citizenship from politicians and citizens of the Republic of Atlantis, currently in the middle of a political crisis. On May 31, Alexander Connery (formerly Alexander Virgili) has announced his resignation from his position of Prime Minister amid strong criticisms of his foreign and domestic policy. “I note that I’m not the most competent to run a micronation, especially if the active citizens are few (sic) and I have to count almost exclusively on myself regard (sic) to the Government of the Republic” said Connery on a public message on the Forum of Atlantis. The former Premier has also declared to have never intentionally run the country like an “RPG”, although many have seen it this way. He was succeded by Donato De Lellis on June 5. Few information are available on the new head of Government.

The St.Charlian Government has refused, however, to accept these new citizens due to their political past. Prime Minister Alvisi, at a session of the General Assembly, announced that “even if we are looking for citizens, we cannot let everyone join, especially Atlantis”. The Prime Minister agreed with a previous declaration of First Ambassador James Lunam who claimed that Atlantis citizens could have caused a diplomatic controversy within the Italophone Sector. The first citizen who attempted to defect Atlantis was Sante Carbone, former leader of the “AnarchoCommunist Liberation Army”, and supporter of the IRA, and Manuel de Felice.

At a recent interview for the SCBN, currently available only in Italian, Alvisi also expressed his “happiness” over the resignation of Connery/Virgili, hoping for change within the Republic.

Atlantis was under the spotlight during its Civil War which was the cause of many controversies on micronational warfare in the MicroWiki Community. Recently the micronation was cricised for his “non-serious policy” by the Res Publica SPQR and the Democratic Republic of Vitla. In popular culture, St.Charlie and Atlantis are compared, within the Federal Republic, as the “two Germanies”.


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