St.Charlian Commonwealth “may include international school”

The fate of the now-inactive Tor Pendente State University could be to become the official educational institution of the St.Charlian Commonwealth, a spokesman of the New Palermo Conference said this morning. The Conference, set up by the current member states of the St.Charlian Commonwealth (Landashir, Tiana, and St.Charlie), and locatated in a virtual venue of the Tianan capital city was created in order to discuss, write down and ratify the Charter of the Commonwealth.

The proposal of a so called international school for micronationalists was discussed yesterday afternoon by Alexander Reinhardt and James Puchowski and would get rid of the current bureaucratic issues caused by the St.Charlian law: right now the University is open to citizens of other micronations, and so is the Caroline Charlotte Military Academy, but teachers must be forcedly of St.Charlian origin; in the first case, because there aren’t documents that simply recognize this move, and in the second one because only SCAF military personnel is entitled to teach. The plan is to give all Commonwealth members the possibility to benefit from the University and organise courses if they wish to.

So far most of the members of the Conference seemed to agree on the proposal. James Lunam, St.Charlian Foreign Minister, and Tor Pendentian citizen, agreed on the grounds that “the Tor Pendente University keeps remains in Tor Pendente”. “Landashir is also currently working on a college for the Francillish language. -declared Reinhardt- The possibility to also have language courses would make everything even more interesting and useful for those who are interested”. Current St.Charlian Minister of Education, Heinrich Schneider is expected to be contacted in the following days.


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