Legal code ratified, civil partnerships legalised

Judicial system perfected yesterday evening. Same-sex unions legalised.

A quest that started during the Second Reinhardt Administration has finally reached its end, and with a successful result. Yesterday evening, the General Assembly has passed the first Legal Code drafted by Prime Minister Nicolò Alvisi -a project he’s been working on since his term as Minister of Justice- and thus making it, together with the existing laws and decrees, the basis for the St.Charlian legal system.

Other than the fundamental regulations on the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court, the Code includes details on trials and constitutional crimes, and how judges can respond to such offences. It also includes rules on referendums and votes, following criticism by the Socialist Party on the absence of “rules on the correct proceeding of votes”. Voting age has also been established: citizens which are over 13 years of age are now only allowed to participate.

But maybe the most interesting innovation is the creation of civil partnerships. From today, St.Charlian citizens which are over 15 years of age may have their union officially recognized by the St.Charlian Government, even if one of the partners is not a citizen. Moreover, the Code does not expressively specify that it must be a man and a woman, thus making civil partnership available to the LGBT community as well. The Code however is restricted to citizens only as unions must be celebrated in “real life” and are currently recognized only inside the national jurisdiction.

The main aim of the Legal Code is to solve all uncertainties regarding basic legal relations. Ratified by the General Assembly yesterday evening, it is already recognized as a binding document.

One Response to “Legal code ratified, civil partnerships legalised”
  1. King Anthony says:

    Nice work, id love to see the English version of the legal code though 😛

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