Reinhardt’s Corner: why the OAM is in serious danger

And why some candidates can save its ass.

Well, this is the first article after Nick’s death. I’d like to thank all those who sent us condolence messages and talked to me. It was not a great moment, but thankfully now me and the others are feeling better. As someone maybe noticed I’m working now on Nick’s MicroWiki article. While I don’t feel like we should publish his life on the internet, I think listing his achievements as micronationalist is a way to remember him. He was a great journalist, he will be missed, and if anyone wants to give me a hand, it’ll be more than appreciated.

Now, back on topic, as the title says I’ll talk about the OAM. I only noticed yesterday morning the report written by Will Sörgel regarding the Organisation of Active Micronations, and before stating my opinion, I’d like to say that he’s raising valid points over the OAM Parliament, but I must slightly disagree with him on the “sovereignty”. The OAM is a large organisation with numerous members, that is true, but its motions have never really threatened the sovereignty of a microstate, in my opinion. Not only that, the Organisation is not like the UN: if people don’t like it, or if they feel threatened, they can easily leave and still be in touch with many micronations. Six months ago this was not the case, but now, apparently, and unfortunately, it is.

This is also why I wanted to share some of my opinions with you. We’ve all noticed that recently Turner has resigned as Secretary-General. I don’t like to be a hypocrite: while Turner gave stability to the OAM, it unfortunately didn’t respond appropriately to the sudden decline of activity because of the MicroWiki Forum: he is a great guy, personally I’d love to work with him, but his VSG were the real protagonists of his administration. This is obviously my opinion and you may disagree with me.

So now we have the elections, and four candidates: Dakoda George, Philip Fish, Joseph Puglisi and Bradley of Dullahan. So yesterday I asked myself: who should I really vote for? Who can save the OAM’s ass from an eventual stagnation? Yes, before starting, I’d like to give an advice: vote for the best one, not for the one that follows your political ideology. Frankly, it’s bullshit. I’m a liberal conservative, but in history we can find great socialists and stupid conservatives, therefore..

Starting off with Dakoda George: he is unfortunately not a good candidate. All I’ve seen of the guy doesn’t make him the perfect Sec-Gen for the OAM. Maybe in a few months it will be different, but this time it’s a no. I believe he still needs to work on his “intermicronational contributions”.

Bradley of Dullahan. He’s gaining a lot of support, and he is committed, but I would never elect him. He gives too much importance to political parties and ideologies in general, which cannot, and should not, in my opinion, be the case for the OAM. We’re not the EU, delegates are not elected by the population, they’re nominated by their governments. If they choose a political party, it might not be the one that the majority of the population endorses. In a case of a small micronation, it would be a minor issue, but in our case, with a large active population, it could be an issue. I don’t get this thing of the political parties either inside the Organisation, but anyway.

Philip Fish and Joseph Puglisi are the best choices so far. The first one because he obviously knows how to handle any situation that is presented to him; he founded the OAM, and eventually could revive it. Also.. for the love of god! Give him something to do, please! He’s been lately making videos for A1! VIDEOS! You can clearly see he is BORED! BORED AS HELL! Tell him to paint something, fix some appliances in your house, write an essay, everything will do! Nah, seriously, he can solve issues, he’s the Winston Wolfe of the OAM, so he obviously would be a good Secretary General and could promote the “MicroWiki-Micras” situation, as the OAM could become a meeting point between the two communities.

And the last one is Puglisi. I’d also vote for him because it’s his first time and although he has never worked within an intermicronational institution I really feel like he could do it. I’m not saying this because he’s in the St.Charlian Commonwealth but because I’ve spoken to him, and I’ve noticed he can express himself quite clearly and without putting ideologies first. I mean.. he’s not like “oh for the Socialist Motherland” if there is no need of it. Also I’m not trying to undermine Bradley’s capacities regarding his ways to write, and I’m not making fun of him, but the SG of the OAM is automatically its spokesman, and Bradley as Sec-Gen would eventually need a hand. Don’t get me wrong, even videos would do, but statements are what’s important. Puglisi would also be a “new face” for the OAM, as Turner said, and could eventually show how he deals with a union.

So that’s pretty much it. I’ve said what I wanted to say and you may disagree with me; if you want to share opinions in the comments section, do so, we could have a chitchat. For the rest, I’ve been working now on the NY COPS and the Season 2 will be published this month, so don’t miss it out.

2 Responses to “Reinhardt’s Corner: why the OAM is in serious danger”
  1. It is not its motions that threaten sovereignty, but its structure.

    But, a very good article, M. Reinhardt. You have persuaded me to believe that M. Puglisi is either the best candidate for the Secretaryship or for the Vice-Secretaryship under M. Fish.

  2. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    IT was interesting, right 😉

    Firstly, St.Charlie is not filling better, we are still in mourning atmosphere and we need more time.
    Secondly, interesting description of candidates! I personally don’t see Puglisi as secretary general. But I also don’t think that Philip is the best candidate, he had his time so we should give next cadence for someone new, but as said before Puglisi is not the ebst in my opinion. So…I don’t support anyone.

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