Commonwealth approves Landashir and Tiana

Two conlangs to be introduced.

At exactly 12.49, St.Charlian time, the General Assembly has announced that the Community of Landashir and the People’s Republic of Tiana have been unanimously admitted to the St.Charlian Commonwealth as Permanent Territories. President of the Parliament and ad interim Secretary-General of the St.Charlian Commonwealth Alexander Reinhardt said both countries “will make the history of the Commonwealth”. “A Charter still needs to be written, and people are still afraid of an excessive St.Charlian presence in the organisation. All three nations will work together in order to solve this issue”, he later added.

But what seems to be only a political evolution of the Commonwealth, is mostly, and positively, cultural: Francillish and Tianan, recognized languages of the new member states, will join the now short list of recognized languages of the Commonwealth, previously formed only by Italian, English and German. And it’s not the first time that conlangs are implemented, as Sandus, former Permanent Territory which recently seceded due to major governmental reforms, included Sancta as one of its official idioms. Others, however, such as Elytheria and Tammarack did not have their own language.

Current St.Charlian ambassador to the Commonwealth, James Lunam, has stated that “St.Charlie is honoured to be finally able to work with Landashir and Tiana […] I hope than in the next month me and the other two delegates will work together on the Commonwealth Charter and finally set this great cultural project off.”

Leaders James Puchowski and Joseph Puglisi haven’t yet released a declaration on the subject, but it was reported that Tiana has included the blue star, symbol of the November Revolution, on its national flag, right behind the hammer and sickle. A meeting between the respective ambassadors to the Commonwealth is expected within next week.

5 Responses to “Commonwealth approves Landashir and Tiana”
  1. Congratulations to St.Charlie, Landashir and Tiana!

  2. Comrade James Thomson says:


  3. I believe Tiana should release a public statement on this sometime soon. This a great occasion for Tiana and her citizens.

  4. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:


  5. King Anthony says:

    Congratulations to STC Tiana and Landashir (this means Zealandia may have a border with the STC Commonwealth)

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