SCBN drags Von Linden back into spotlight

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A clip from popular 1987 song “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley showing former Zealandian/Eleytherian First Minister Sebastiano Von Linden dancing to the tune has acquired great success among St.Charlians and foreign micronationalists. The “Fredroll”, a parody of the word “Rickroll” which indicates the original internet meme appeared yesterday evening on the St.Charlie Broadcasting Network’s Youtube channel and was already visited by several micronationalists.

An original fragment of Astley’s music video, starring a troll-faced Mr. Von Linden, dressed in a rather vintage suit, was welcomed positively by the community, garnering more than 100 hits in less than 6 hours, but also by criticism from Secundomian politician Parker I, who denounced it as an attack on the former Zealandian politician, now banned in the Kingdom and known in the MicroWiki Community for “trolling” other users.

Reached from his Skype account, Von Linden has apparently threatened legal action over the use of his picture and has claimed he has already contacted a lawyer concerning a “cease and desist” letter to be sent to Egtavian leader Peter Bralesford. The reason why the letter is to be sent to Bralesford was not announced.

“The image is in public domain. -said however Alexander Reinhardt, creator of Fredroll and later backed by Will Sörgel in the Micropolitan Lounge- it was made just for a laugh, no cyberbullying intended and just the aim to share a laugh with the others about a strange and controversial chapter or our “virtual history””, specified later Reinhardt on the MicroWiki forum in response to Parker.

Following the publication of the video, Reinhardt was awarded the Siroccan Order of the Numbat and the Ultamyian Order of Katherine, in recognition of his “exceptional work within the community”.

2 Responses to “SCBN drags Von Linden back into spotlight”
  1. Secundomia says:

    Will be releasing videoblog with this subject.

  2. Philip Fish says:

    I find it interesting in how he’s trying to take the moral high ground with regards to privacy. Let’s continue ignoring him.

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