Ambassadorial Council announces retirement for Karifa Sanfo

Karifa Sanfo, the first real General of the St.Charlie Armed Forces and diplomat, was given retirement by the Ambassadorial Council yesterday afternoon, Foreign Affairs Department reports. The 17-year-old, who acquired citizenship in 2009 during the Golden Era of New Ridgeway and was nominated Chief of Staff of the SCAF on January 5, 2009, was removed from the office of St.Charlian Overseas Ambassador after a “prolonged inactivity” and was granted the title of Honorary Diplomat and observer status within the Council.

Sanfo joined St.Charlie in January 2009 and was nominated Chairman of the Joint Commanders of Staff of the St.Charlie Armed Forces on January 5, 2009, succeeding Whisky I, who served as Commander until December 1, 2008. He remained in charge of the SCAF until June 30, 2009, when he was succeeded by Colonel Alessio Giovanrosa due to its transfer to Eastern Asia. He is credited for being one of the best military officers that the Armed Forces ever had, increasing the number of soldiers from 3 to 15, reforming the SCAF by abolishing obsolete branches such as the Air Force, and collaborating on the creation of the ranking system together with the Reinhardt Administration. Furthermore, as Personal Military Advisor to then-President Whisky I, he was responsible for all military activity outside St.Charlie. Thankfully, his work in this particular field was never needed.

On July 2, 2009, he was invited to join the Ambassadorial Council, and became the first Overseas Ambassador of St.Charlie. He still remains in good contact with Alexander Reinhardt and other New Ridgeway citizens. Reports claim that the two met again in June 2010 at a reunion in the English federation. Sanfo worked partially as diplomat but due to school work, was forced to reduce his activity within the Federal Republic. Documents claim that he registered for voting in the 2010 Elections, but was one of the many citizens of Greater Ridgeway who failed to cast their vote in the General Elections of 2011.

During his career with the St.Charlian Army, Sanfo was awarded the Order of the Blue Star and the Meritorious Service Cross, the first one given by the Department of Defense. Furthermore, his portrait as Chief of Staff has appeared on the 10 Pianeta banknote since the first issue.


2 Responses to “Ambassadorial Council announces retirement for Karifa Sanfo”
  1. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Retirement means money or just end of career?

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