Lunam’s visit to Puntarossa marks the start of a week of reforms in St.Charlie

Proposed amendments to the Constitution and the Commonwealth

Yesterday afternoon, the unofficial visit of James Lunam to the Borough of Puntarossa and the headquarters of the National Party concluded with the opening of a new voting session at the General Assembly, in what seems to be the most interesting one since the beginning of 2011. By the end of the week, a decision will be taken regarding the Commonwealth and the Constitution, who are now subject to amendments. The Parliament will decide whether or not these changes will take place.

Three motions are under scrutiny, the first one regarding diplomatic embargoes and the authority of the Ambassadorial Council in those proceeding. The resolution was proposed after the proposed unrecognition of the Slinky Empyre, not long before its collapse, and the subsequent accusation of the Socialist Party that the diplomatic corps had “too much authority” over foreign affairs, most notably restrictions. The motion proposed will still give these powers to the diplomats, but the Parliament may relinquish those powers on a certain case if found necessary.

The second motion is proposing to remove the status of “Territory” from the St.Charlian Commonwealth with the aim to reduce bureaucracy. With the motion, Territories should become a status for regions without citizens who are part of the Federal Republic, thus without the need of a Federal Assembly and a Governor. As a consequence, the Federation of Cascia del Pinzanello would lose its “federal status”, as it has no population.

The last motion would replace current voting limitations with an “age limitation”. The resolution, proposed by Reinhardt and Lunam, and which was drafted during the Foreign Minister’s visit to Puntarossa, would raise the voting age to 13, also needed for those who want to run for any kind of elections.

Meanwhile, the National Party is showing interest in the possibility of a St.Charlie Expo 2011, and President of Caroline Charlotte Leonard Von Sternberg just came back from the 2011 Model European Council. More updates expected.


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