Order of the Blue Star with 3 promotions, 6 new members

Two of them are St.Charlian citizens

A total of nine micronationalists were awarded last week with the Order of the Blue Star for significant contributions to the micronational community or for their relations with the Federal Republic. Six new members were knighted, while three others were promoted to a higher degree. Of these nine, only two are St.Charlian citizens.

Foreign Minister James Lunam, already Officer, was promoted to the rank of Commander for his work as head of the Ambassadorial Council and past actions as a diplomat. He will meet Alexander Reinhardt in Puntarossa tomorrow for an unofficial visit. Landashir’n James Puchowski and Niels I of Flandrensis were promoted to the rank of Officers. After Alexander Reinhardt, who proposed the names, “Puchowski has been doing a significant job within the MicroWiki Community since the creation of the Forum, while Niels has always been a great example to all micronationalists, especially after the interview for the Belgian television”. The President of the General Assembly was referring to Flandrensis’ appearance on the RTBF, the state television of the French part of Belgium.

Other names include Nicolò Alvisi, current Prime Minister, knighted for his career in the Department of Justice during the Second Reinhardt Administration, Will Sörgel, leader of Sandus, for his long career in micronationalism and the St.Charlian-Sandum relations, although the recent decision of the country to leave the Commonwealth. “It was obviously a small shock, but we respect his decision and still watch Sandus with respect”, said Junior MP Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, who voted in favour of Sörgel’s knighthood. The leader of Sandus already received a St.Charlian award, the Presidential Citation Ribbon, for his involvement in the Rhodesian issue of September 2009.

We can then read the names of Dorzhabad’s President Daniel Morris, and leader of Egtavia Peter Bralesford, also awarded for his work in the administration of the MicroWiki servers. The other Admins were also given the Order for similar reasons: Aldrich Lucas of Yabloko and Philip Fish of A1 are now Knights for “their work as Administrators of MicroWiki and for their constant work for the benefit of the MicroWiki Community”.

OBS certificates are available upon request.

5 Responses to “Order of the Blue Star with 3 promotions, 6 new members”
  1. Thank you so, so much. I just can’t…*has a heart attack from joy* Ahem, as I was saying, I greatly appreciate it. 😉

  2. Ah, such wonderful news. I thank my colleagues in the St.Charlian parliament! 🙂

  3. Sir Jason says:

    Congrats to all that won

  4. Thank you very much 😀

  5. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Congratulations 😉

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