Eat at Nicks: Days of Tumult

Look at what you’ve done. Now back to me. Now back at what you’ve done. Now back to me.

When was the last time you praised Robert Lethler? My guess is “not lately”. The word “Lethler” nowadays is associated with “bullying” and “pressure”, and consequently I haven’t noticed any fans of the guy around. Regardless, I couldn’t ignore the late news in which Anthony of Zealandia is “pressured” to kick out Sebastian Von Linden from his micronation, in order not to get kicked out from the community. Rings a bell?

“Who are you to say this? You haven’t been around when this was happening”, said the reader. You’re right on that, I’ve had some pretty tough stuff to deal with in my personal life recently, and that’s had to take priority over my micronational schedule. Rest assured that I do intend to return to a regular posting schedule, but in the short term, things may remain a little irregular. That said, there might be a post later this week, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Yesterday I was up and busy early in the morning getting our new door lock installed, and I thought it was time to stop lurking, come back and write something.

Anyway, in the last days the Slinky Empyre collapsed (I will not talk about this though), and Zealandia was asked again to get rid of Von Linden/Dresner/Mayers/Bayer. Why again? Because he’s been f**king with us for too long, trolling our brains, and published Fish’s name on his Youtube channel. Not only that, Anthony of Zealandia has been assuring him protection, despite being firstly willing to get rid of him, but then changed his mind, after probably speaking with Sebastian, who might have persuaded him to retrace his steps.

The situation as of now is still very vague: Zealandia seems to keep Von Linden, and when I try to read Anthony’s last posts, I find out he was banned from the forum and the Wiki. It looks like he didn’t accept the “ultimatum” given to him by Soergel, then supported by the rest of the community. Because ignoring someone is too hard, right?

I’ll be quick and clear: is there someone forcing you to speak to Von Linden and Anthony? When the Slinky Empyre decided to follow its own path, there were still people who talked to Kyng and others who didn’t. Was it complicated? Nope. Was there the need to send an ultimatum to the Slins? No. Did it work? Yes. Eventually, Kyng was not banned from any forum but we still didn’t have him around. That simple.

Please do not mistake me: I know the difference between Kyng and Sebastian, and I know that Von Linden, contrary to the “thyef”, has tried to come back with various personas, and that he’s done far more than Fyrst. I even endorse the ban, but I don’t see the reason in condemning Anthony as well. Because this already happened not long ago.

A couple of months ago, Paweł Dworzycki, Vice President of the Republic of Atlantis, published Alexander Reinhardt’s real name on a Youtube video (maybe some of you remember this incident). The then-Prime Minister proceeded in reporting the video to the Youtube, with my support by the way. At the time Atlantis was still “fighting” its civil war, which even made it an easy target. Then, everything was settled down. Now, was President Alexander Connery (then-Virgili) asked to kick Paweł out of Atlantis? Not at all. Moreover, was Connery banned for his decision? No, in fact he contributes on the Wiki forum regularly. Are we forced to speak to Atlantis? No.

Please don’t pull out the “Von Linden is worse” card. He could be the nicest guy on Earth, or the most dreadful man in the entire universe, but if you don’t like him or Zealandia, just don’t talk to him. Anyway, I respect the Wiki staff’s decision but would like to add a note about Anthony: please unban him. The community in which we regularly participate is not like some sort of Salem-style village. People are entitled to meet and talk with whoever they want, and Anthony is just using this right.

Not agreeing with his decision to support Sebastian is a right we’re all entitled to have, especially after what he’s done, but in this way, if he comes back asking for help, we can tell him he can’t blame anyone but himself. It’s his problem, Zealandia is his micronation, and Von Linden as its First Minister is, quite frankly, not interfering in my life. Just leave him alone. Anyhow, we must face that the political impact of Von Linden in our micronations is, and will probably remain nil, as long as we don’t give importance to his games.

So we’ve been criticizing the bullying Lethlerism we lived under for a period of time. Yet, we try to confine those who disagree with the general opinion of the community and insist on being so serious about things that could be solved in less time. We’re then seeing complaints that our political discourse has gotten coarse and violent, or completely disappeared.  I have the solution: bring back honor duels.  People will watch what they say if they know they may have to face down a muzzle for it.  To make it sporting we’d insist upon 18th century pistols, of course.  Put that on the St.Charlie Broadcasting Network and you’d be able to sell subscriptions.

15 Responses to “Eat at Nicks: Days of Tumult”
  1. Fyrst didn’t troll the whole community, if anything, he’s the one who lost the most ouf of it. And he left of his own accord, leaving us to our own devices. Sebastian insisted on trolling us despite getting banned and regarding the name, Pawel stopped as soon as he found out about it. Sebastian persisted. As to banning Anthony, that’s your opinion. 😉

  2. Fishy says:

    I beg to differ too. I appreciate that you haven’t been exactly keeping up to date, as some important facts have been missed out. Firstly, we have been ignoring Dresner/von Linden/whoever, for the most part, for at least a couple of weeks. This didn’t work, as a DoS Attack perpetrated by Dresner/von Linden/whoever was attempted on the MicroWiki, he tried to access the MicroWiki Server’s CPanel and has been constantly publishing my real name, as recently as last week in many places – not just his YouTube Channel. Secondly, comparing Kyng to Dresner/von Linden/whoever isn’t quite the same. Kyng was not being harboured by any other micronation as an individual, nor was he perpetrating such acts as DoS attacks, violations of privacy, etc. Yes, we did ignore him and he did go away (for the most part), but that was much easier because he wasn’t actively trying to destroy or cause havoc in the community like Dresner/von Linden/whoever has. Thirdly, we would have preferred not to ban Anthony, and it was a decision not taken lightly. However, we, and the vast majority of people we spoke to, felt that he had blown every one of the chances that we have given him, and the time had come for decisive and effective action. Fourthly, I agree that we should be ignoring Dresner/von Linden/whoever. But until we cut off his last lifeline to the community (i.e. Zealandia/Anthony), that will never be effective. I hope everyone understands our decision and why we took it. I stand by this decision 100% and I sincerely ask everyone to just move on.

  3. Secundomia says:

    WHAT? The ADMINS BANNED ANTHONY, for not firing von linden? WHAT THE HECK?!?!? I Don’t understand your decision at all fish, it is unfair and biased. I am seriously considering leaving this wiki.

  4. James Puchowski/ Landashir'n Government says:

    For once, I am very much in agreement with the my Secundomian counterpart on several accounts. If I spend a weekend away from micronationalism, all I find out is that this “community” is, actually, no joke whatsoever-so-don’t-come-back-at-me-with-sarcastic-remarks, run by several self-centred power-abusing men who have literally no regard for the opinions of everyone else and have no recollection of intermicronational diplomacy. Over the weekend, I was in close contact with Mr. Reinhardt, noting that he seems to be the only influential micronationalist who actually replies to my messages on Facebook (…), and I stated my case through the Inbox. Here are some of my views, should you want to read them:

    1)”I am getting really sick of all the current events recently” (As anyone would)
    2)”Seriously thinking about withdrawing from the MW active community and OAM” (Yes, I am bloody whinging, and for a good reason too)
    3)”Stupid people making stupid plans, hiding the stupid reality from more stupid people” (Perhaps you would like to argue with me here)
    4)”how people act as if they own the place and have the right to piss others off for ‘the greater good’ as it seems. It just isn’t micronationalism, but an Internet community of trolls and veterans who are getting fed up and could spend their time doing something more useful.” (‘Nuff said)
    5)”Right, now I am really getting sick of this. After reading the comments on Nick’s new article, this just affirms my belief that they can still do what they like under any vaguely plausible excuse and then tell people to ‘move on’ as if decisions like these are final and nothing happened. What utter dictatorial jerks they are – there is no diplomacy, no fairness.” (Followed by a brief sentence of profanity).

    You have heard what I said, so I guess you will just “move on” and lead your own existence with no concern for who you are representing.

  5. J. Hargis/ SkyMarshal Harigs says:

    I will not make a long-winded argument here i will just state my “opinion” (so dont try to demolish my comment).
    My nation has been around since 06 but is new to the wiki community. And thus i do have a unique view of the community.
    And from a “backed off” look it does seem that certain aspects are run from a few elites wishes(not going as far as to say they are dictators). If they are elected by a democratic standard, then why not have a debate room for such decisions about bans that are not related to rule breaking? or an oversight committee on such actions?
    I think that some people are too close to the situation to see what their actions look from the outside

  6. You all know what Zealandia did to Sirocco. Lock him out until Trollboy is thrown in the lake.

  7. Pressure him to no end to get rid of him, but by no means should you kick him out…..
    Nobody is goin to kick a country out of the U.N. for having a minister they dont like

  8. Bradley of Dullahan says:

    aldrich_lucas :
    One thing, MicroWiki isn’t the micronational equivalent of the UN (if anything, the OAM is). Secondly, they might kick a country out if they were knowingly harbouring a “terrorist” and cooperating with him.

    They never did.. >>> Libya

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