Application for Commonwealth postponed as Landashir leaves the Slinky Empyre

Llabdey was never part of the Empyre, LanGov claims

In a surprising declaration published this evening, James Puchowski, Premier of Landashir, has associated himself with Alexander Reinhardt in criticizing the Slinky Empyre, and most particularly, its leader, Kyng S. Fyrst. The Community has also decided to “take full custodian-ship and ownership over the [Llabdey] Department and absorb it into [Landashir]” after claiming that the documents that conceded the territory to the American micronation were never physically signed. Furthermore, the Landashir’n Government has denounced the electoral system of the Slinky Monarchy, defining it as “scandalous“. Apparently, the Kyng, in charge of the elections, has been including inactive citizens without notifying them of the event, and therefore receiving instant votes. “If this continues, not only will he stay in power and remain the face of an Empyre that is requiring much-needed reform, but also will this Empyre be a corrupt dictatorship that the community will continue to have complete distrust for“, said the Premier on his official statement.

The Landashir’n people have seen the last events as a great insult, and we know how patriotic Landashir’n citizens are -said Reinhardt- For the rest, I will not comment on the statement as I already expressed my views on the Empyre in the last days, but I encourage again all other Departments to do the same thing that Landashir did“. The Slinky Government has not yet released a statement concerning the recent events and the declarations of Mr. Puchowski, but has replied to a note by Sandus’ Governor Will Sörgel concerning Kyng’s Admin position on MicroWikia.

Sörgel, on a talkpage, has been recently accusing S. Fyrst of “voting fraud” and setting up a “regime” of “lies” and “false pre-tenses“. “This is a major change from the Kyng Fyrst I knew […]. You have fallen back on and resisted your morals and ethics, Kyng, and it is to that that all leaders become tyrants” he then said. Fyrst has justified the recent censorship with “the recent controversy surrounding the two MicroWikis, due to the great instability that it would give this community“. “[The] disciplinary actions I take here are not acts of aggression or hatred, but of concern for this wiki’s health“.

The Ambassadorial Council is still voting on the embargo proposed by Reinhardt. The result is expected to arrive by Sunday evening.

8 Responses to “Application for Commonwealth postponed as Landashir leaves the Slinky Empyre”
  1. Starland says:

    Isn’t the Slinky Empyre an absolute monarchy or something? Technically, isn’t Kyng already a so-called “dictator” than? Absolute monarchies are in the autocracy category, they’re just not always as oppressive.

  2. The parliament, too, can not be commenced without atleast four political parties, I am certain. It is hardly democratic, actually, to do it that way, as several people could join in coalition with each other in order to further advance their political goals, yet hinder making the Slinky Parliament a reality. Kudos to the Kyng, for creating an inherit un-democratic system! 😀

  3. Starland says:

    Well, we will certainly be looking into the possibilities of corruption in the Slinky Empyre.

  4. Starland says:

    The latest email from Kyng to Starland:

    I am the sole person counting votes in the nation at the moment. I am completely honest in creating these records, and they are all sent to the Royal Offyce email from ovters and their Vyceroys, but I would greatly appreciate a better system of counting the votes of our citizens. I wish to keep the task of counting votes left to honest people in the Empyre, separate from the Kyng or Queen who may have the power to skew the results for their own gain.

    All citizens of the Empyre who have not abstained or expressed their choice for Kyng or Queen are recorded as giving a “default vote”, which is currently given to the incumbent candidate. Personally, I do not like this system. I hope that a better, more reasonable one will be established in its place in the future of the Slinky Empyre. The current system was chosen to ensure stability of leaders in the Empyre’s first years, and to encourage new citizens to cast their vote if they prefer someone over the current candidate.

    As many citizens in the Empyre that have contact information available have been contacted regarding the royal election, and were all encouraged to cast their vote. This gained much voting activity, but not all citizens responded.

    The royal elections of the Slinky Empyre are always taking place. Whoever has greater than 50% of all votes cast is crowned Kyng or Queen.

    All Slinky citizens are welcome and free to suggest alternative methods of performing these tasks.

    I assure you that the above explanations are true to the best of my knowledge. Anything you wish to say regarding this is welcomed, and you are free to contact me anytime you wish. Please let me know if I can answer anything else for you.

    • A very nice e-mail, but he, as Kyng, could perfectly change the electoral system without anyone complaining, as far as I’ve understood.

      Furthermore, in any democratic state the blank votes are given to the incumbent candidate. In this way I could have remained Prime Minister for decades. Puchowski has stated that when he proposed new citizens, he was blatantly ignored, which explains how the situation is.

  5. Starland says:

    So basically your saying that our friend and ally is lying directly to our face? No sarcasm or anything intended. We’re just asking.

    • No, I’m not saying he’s lying. I’m saying he just doesn’t seem to collaborate that much in order to change the bad electoral system that he hates so much. We had a single-party state, and ta dah! I changed it to a multi-party state with a small piece of paper! It wasn’t that hard, he can do it too :/

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