Foreign Minister Lunam on Parliamentary “pettyfoggery”

Translated by A. Reinhardt

It’s time to vote here in St.Charlie! Or at least, it’s not really time anymore, and now we’re going through another delicate process: the first session of the Parliament and the election of its President, or Speaker, already taking place. Now everyone will just say: “Is there need of an article?”, well yes, since the majority of the St.Charlians and foreign micronations are unaware of what is going now on at the General Assembly. On one side, member Schneider affirms that it’s impossible to continue the election of the Speaker due to the irregularities recorded in District North. On the other side of the Parliament, De Armis defends himself claiming that those are only plans to revoke the legal and legitimate status of the vote of the people and the regular democratic process. Fortunately, the intervention of Prime Minister-elect Alvisi seems to have cleared the situation, and the voting has continued. “Minister Schneider is only doing his job […] The dialogue between our two parties is still valid, it worked for two years and I don’t want to ruin it”, he said.

Now, I ask myself, is there currently in St.Charlie someone that could interrupt the regular work of the Parliament? Technically, yes, if there was a President of the General Assembly that could suspend this first session, but since there still isn’t someone in charge, I believe that it is best for everyone to elect this President and let the bureaucratic process continue. Obviously, Schneider’s report cannot be forgotten and left into a dark closet; indeed, I also think that the documents should be analyzed by the appropriate authorities, by the next Minister who will be responsible for internal affairs, as soon as Alvisi is sworn into office.

Concluding, I hope that the balloting will continue as usual and that the situation will be solved with the nomination of the new government. Just to let you know, the names of the potential new members of the “Alvisi Administration” are to be sent to President Lisa Cassidy.

2 Responses to “Foreign Minister Lunam on Parliamentary “pettyfoggery””
  1. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Lunam, finally yours article! It’s nice and I agree with everything wrote above 😉

  2. Alexander Connery says:

    Mostrare il parlamento italiano all’opera è stata un’idea fantastica xD

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