Uncertainty on elections

Uncertainty is whipping across St.Charlie like bush fire today, after a report by the Electoral Commission of the Home Affairs Ministry into electoral irregularities in the federation of District. The spectre of recounting looms over the Republic as the report shows that only 3 out of twentysome voters in the District North constituency possessed valid C1 Citizenship forms.

President of the Parliament Magnus de Armis has been summoned before the Commission to provide valid C1 forms for the citizens before January 10th. If this request is not met, the votes will be declared invalid and recounting for both parliamentary and federal elections (with the eventual replacement of Alexander Rikkeri as presidential candidate) would commence. The deadline, one week today, also means that the normal schedule for the formation of the government is postponed.

Home Affairs Minister Heinrich Schneider has stated that his political affiliations have played no part in this matter, and that he simply wishes to have a “clear and transparent voting”, to avoid setting unhealthy precedents. The report was taken very seriously by neo-elect Prime Minister Alvisi, who issued a statement to the press: “I wish to congratulate the Minister’s Commission, who as always carries out its functions with professionalism and skill. I am aware that these investigations have revealed a problem, not serious but still too important to be ignored. All this is once more testament to the healthy and democratic structure of our Republic, and the Socialist Party will do its best to overcome this incident.”

5 Responses to “Uncertainty on elections”
  1. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Not pleasant situation :/

  2. Best of luck with figuring this out.

  3. Secundomia says:

    Eugh, If these shine a bad light on the socialist party, that would be really bad for them.

    • Nothing really important though: basically we just can’t find citizenship forms from some District North citizens that should have been sent to us by Magnus. If we don’t have them, we cannot count the votes, so the “irregularity” is just the fact that until we don’t have the forms, the votes aren’t valid. I’m sure Magnus will be able to find them though.

    • I bet Reinhardt’s kicking himself right now for not establishing a dictatorship 😉

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