Sycamore Booker faces prolonged power cut

Just at the beginning of the New Year, citizens in the Landashir’n capital city and territorial “hub”, Sycamore Booker will have to deal with no electricity in the coming days. After mid-day today, all citizens were affected by a power cut that did not end until 6.30pm as experts and technicians from Southern Electric, the company responsible for the upkeep of electricity sub-stations and powerlines managed to find a temporary solution to this problem.

It was discovered that the underground cable just a few metres from the Landashir’n border had malfunctioned and broke, only cutting off the power to Sycamore Booker and to no one else on the road that connects Landashir to the United Kingdom. For the whole afternoon, citizens spent time playing board games and talking in candlelight until it was decided that tonight’s dinner could not be eaten in the household due to the dangers of the gas stove in the kitchen. Dinner was eaten out earlier today.

Technicians explained that later on this week, the road outside Sycamore Booker will have to be dug up as the problem is corrected which may result in no power supply. Until then, Landashir is having its electricity supplied by a different provider, but there is no guarantee that it is stable enough to last citizens for the rest of the week. The Premier has issued a statement, saying that: “things are under control and we can handle this. All I can say is that Landashir may be temporarily absent from forums and other websites unless we can access these places on mobile internet, which I can not guarantee offers us the best signal. We’ll get it sorted and I don’t intend to let this hinder us.”

2 Responses to “Sycamore Booker faces prolonged power cut”
  1. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Nice article, but you think it’s correct topic for Observer? 😉

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