The results of the Parliamentary elections which just arrived from Branson, downtown District, confirm that Tor Pendentian Minister of Justice Nicolò Alvisi has won the St.Charlian General Elections of 2011 in a historic blowout victory.

Alvisi, Socialist Party, won with a margin of 7 votes in the popular vote, 54.6 percent to 45.4 percent, over National Party candidate and outgoing Prime Minister, Alexander Reinhardt. A total of 42 people cast their ballots for him.

As it was predicted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Alvisi’s margin of victory was very close to the one that almost all pundits had expected. Reinhardt got only 35 – 6 votes less than his 2010 re-election win against former Secretary of the Socialist Party, Fabiana Gallo della Loggia. Not enough to win against Alvisi.

The result made the Socialist Party earn another seat in the General Assembly, thus giving the parliamentary majority to the SCSP. The National Party has 4 seats, the Socialists have 5.

Alvisi was able to clearly convince the voters of District to vote for him. Despite the Nationalist hold of December 28, with Barbara Ruvolo being re-elected as President of District, the Socialist Party has crushed the NPSC, gaining 72% of the total votes, against Reinhardt’s low 28%. A total of 47 people in the Capital city voted in the Parliamentary elections. District was decisive for the final result of the elections, since in all the other federations, the result of the Federal elections was repeated again for the Parliamentary ones.

Alvisi did not win a record landslide, but he won the first Socialist victory in 2 years since the November Revolution, thus making it an historical event in the history of the St.Charlian left-wing and the Federal Republic in general. Indeed, this is not only the first time since 2008 that the Socialists won the elections, but the first time that the SCSP scores more than 35%. Last year, Gallo della Loggia lost with 22 votes and 34.1% of the total.

President-elect of Caroline Charlotte, Leonard Von Sternberg, has commented the result of the elections by saying it is a “great pleasure to have a Comrade as Prime Minister for the first time in history; however, we must also congratulate our opponents for their respectable result”. Nothing was yet heard from Secretary of the SCSP Magnus de Armis.

Alexander Reinhardt has officially conceded the election and is expected to release a speech as soon as possible. “Alvisi has proved the nation and my Party to be a loyal and fair candidate, and I wish him luck for his mandate”, he told the press this afternoon.

Detailed Results of the General Elections by Federation:

National Party: 28% (13)
Socialist Party: 72% (34)

Greater Ridgeway:
National Party: 85% (12)
Socialist Party: 15% (2)

Tor Pendente:
National Party: 33% (3)
Socialist Party: 67% (6)

Caroline Charlotte:
National Party: 0% (0)
Socialist Party: 100% (7)

  1. Leonard Von Sternberg says:

    My compliments, again to Comrade Alvisi, but also to our dear Reinhardt. 😉

  2. Secundomia says:

    Congratulations to Alvisi! Oh, and I have been wondering, how do you make those pictures on the top of the news articles, the election results ones?

  3. Well done Comrade Alvisi! Truly a great victory for Socialism in St. Charlie, but also in the entire Community! I wish you well as Prime Minister on behalf of my entire party!

    But I have not forgotten about you, Mr. Reinhardt. You truly did your work well as PM, and I’m sure that you will continue to strengthen St. Charlie even out of office. My compliments to you throughout your fight for re-election!

  4. Congratulations Alvisi, But we will be sorry to see Reinhardt go.

  5. I offer my congratulations to Mr. Alvisi, I hope that Sirocco and St.Charlie can work together in the coming year despite our political differences. However it is a great shame that you will be leaving office, Mr. Reinhardt, and remember that if you’re hungry for power, I’ve got certain offices open… 🙂

    See you in the 2012 elections, huh?

  6. Its good to see that these elections and this socialist – conservative bond in SC. It is of great plessure to congratulate both although i had loved to see it other wise.

    Lets hope for a coalition (maybe the ”third way” politics 😀

  7. Alexander Connery says:

    I could best like Reinhardt.

  8. Congratulations to Mr. Alvisi and the SCSP for there election win it would seem that this is a good time for us socialists.
    Mr. Alexander Reinhardt has done a wonderful job as prime minister of St. Charlie and it was a pleasure dealing with him, though if he wants there is plenty of jobs going in Zealandia.

  9. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Congratulations 😉 But no, I will not calling you comrade, no way!

  10. Peter Bralesford / Egtavia says:

    I’m a socialist, but I’d have preferred to see Reainhardt and the NPSC win. Oddly 😉

    Congratulations to Mr Alvisi on your victory!

  11. Hmmm i wonder what most people think of this

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