Federal Elections: Socialists retain seat in Caroline Charlotte

In a result that was almost expected by both National and Socialist Party officials across the nation, the Electoral Commission of the Federation of Caroline Charlotte  has just confirmed that Leonard Von Sternberg, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, effectively resining from the military on December 30, has officially defended the relatively safe seat of the “German federation”, the second Socialist hold of the Federal Elections. The Socialist Party is now two seats ahead of the National Party, though results fort he two remaining federations have yet to be published.

Von Sternberg succeeds Heinrich Ritter, already a Socialist member. All citizens of Caroline Charlotte voted in the elections.

Von Sternberg casting his vote. Both federations that already voted have used “real-life” ballots.
8 Responses to “Federal Elections: Socialists retain seat in Caroline Charlotte”
  1. I would like to say “thanks” to all Caroline Charlotte citizens for voting me! 🙂

  2. Mr. Reinhardt, I’d be worried if I were you. The reds are rising!

  3. Alexander Connery says:

    Anche se in passato non siamo sempre stati d’accordo, auguri per il nuovo incarico. Meglio un socialista che altro.

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