Federal Elections: Socialist victory in Tor Pendente

The Electoral Commission of the Federation of Tor Pendente has tonight officially confirmed that Elizabeth Evans has been elected as President of the Federation of Tor Pendente with a landslide victory over former president Valentina Marchesi.

Evans claimed 78% of the popular vote, winning 7 votes against Marchesi’s 2 (22%). Secretary General of the National party, Alexander Reinhardt, has conceded defeat in the election. The Commission has reported that all citizens of Tor Pendente have voted in the elections.

4 Responses to “Federal Elections: Socialist victory in Tor Pendente”
  1. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Haha, snow storm in Observer 🙂 Anyway, it’s good to see how Elizabeth really looks. When you make public the votes in other federations?

  2. I assume it depends of when the most people have voted. In Tor Pendente they were published before because everyone registered voted.

  3. Are there opinion polls in St.Charlie to suggest how many roses or bricks the voters will be throwing at you in the elections? This could be the start of a Socialist uprising… 😛

  4. James Thomson(Danesland) says:

    Awsome, I love the SPC, but Alexander is still a god when it comes to being PM 😀

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