The Landashir’n conundrum

This morning, Premier James Puchowski, leader of the Community of Landashir and its Government, has stated varying concerns in an informal speech at the Platsa Governisch (Government Plaza) in Sycamore Booker addressed to citizens.

After the dismissal of a referendum to leave the Organisation of Active Micronations, citizens of Landashir who are, permitted in the constitution, members of the government have demanded that the referendum is restarted and voted upon this month. The Premier responded to the demands, saying that “I understand the problems that we all see – I know that Landashir only joined due to problems in the GUM at the time and I also console thoughts that Landashir has not been noticed, praised or considered because of our past efforts that we are each and equally proud of. Yes, I see the irony in the fact that nearly every election I have been in results in a dismal 2nd place, but we need to find some way of restoring some national hope. It is obvious, I see, that we are not as influential or as much of a key player as we once were – but if we leave the OAM, what other means will we have to get where we want to be? I am with you and I think we should have a referendum because this is the Landashir’n Conundrum that we face.”

In other news, more troubles have arisen in Landashir over membership as a Permanent Territory in the St. Charlian Commonwealth. As the first country to mention the establishment of such a commonwealth, Premier Puchowski has talked with Commonwealth leaders such as Alexander Reinhardt, William Sorgel and Sebastiano Von Linden about negotiating the terms and conditions of joining. Premier Puchowski also said this morning privately to the St. Charlian Observer that “the Commonwealth we want to join so dearly seems to be under the impression of other members that when you join, you are literally a part of the Federal Republic. We do not want that; we want to continue our national identity, culture, and government and especially not vote in elections that should not and do not concern us. The whole Landashir’n Government, I am not lying, the whole of it do not want to vote for a parliament that should be controlling the Federal Republic and its subjects. Yes, give them a little more influence in the Commonwealth, of course, it is theirs, but we were always told that we would be working closely with the Federal Republic and other members as a supranational front. That appeals to a lot of us. The only St. Charlian election we would vote in is for the President, who would have a ceremonial position within our community. I am the Prime Minister of Landashir – we already have our own government leader, and I don’t see why we need to vote for another Prime Minister of a different nation or even other ministers that do not have direct influence over our sovereign nation. It is not the Federal Republic that we fear, but the way that it could be organised.” Sebastiano Von Linden of Eleytheria had talked with the Premier days before arguing that Puchowski wants a Commonwealth of Nations, not a St. Charlian Commonwealth, whilst William Sorgel has stated that he would be against any major changes proposed by Puchowski, to the Commonwealth.

2 Responses to “The Landashir’n conundrum”
  1. Secundomia says:

    I see what you mean. People of a nation that was once the leader of the community want to stay the leader. But you cannot let them get greedy.

  2. One thing is sure: there will be reforms on the Commonwealth if we get a second term. There are things I’d like to see implemented and/or modified. This is why I’d wait for the elections to end before jumping to any conclusions about Landashir’s eventual membership to the Commonwealth.

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