Reinhardt’s Corner: Assange, Von Linden, and Syd Barrett

Oh, and don’t forget Berlusconi!

Despite one or two things that took place in my life this week, I can say I’m having a good time. I haven’t been very active recently, that is true, but I’m also working on my electoral campaign and the elections that will take place in the next weeks. Outside micronationalism, I’ve been spending some time on a flat in Puntarossa that is used now as a small “club house” by me and a few other friends of mine (not really big, about 20 square metres). Someone who’s not a citizen even proposed calling it the “St.Charlian Embassy in Italy”, which does actually sound nice, but now, it’s only known as the “Headquarters” (or “la Sede“, in Italian).

I wanted to discuss with you a bit about the “Cablegate” and the publishing of confidential US documents by Wikileaks and its founder, Julien Assange, now apparently wanted by the Interpol in 188 states for rape. It is obvious that such a move was made only because of what he is currently doing, and despite the fact it might sound stupid, I’d give political asylum to Assange if we had the capability. I think Wikileaks is being very courageous: publishing the truth these days can be dangerous, especially if it’s top secret material from American embassies. Those documents are showing what really hides behind our macronational leaders, and I’m hoping they will open some minds. All the ones I’ve read so far are amazing, and if you still didn’t check them out, I’d give it a try.

Ironically, the Cablegate is taking place during our Liberty of Expression Day, celebrated today here in St.Charlie in order to commemorate the No Berlusconi Day of December 5, 2009, where hundreds of thousands of people protested against the “regime” of the Italian Prime Minister. I think that the reaction of several governments to the leaking of secret US files is the worrying thing: Tom Flanagan, a [former] senior adviser to Canadian Prime Minister recently stated “I think Assange should be assassinated … I think Obama should put out a contract … I wouldn’t feel unhappy if Assange does disappear”. Here in Italy, Berlusconi laughs at the files and claims the information is false. I’m afraid that who has the last laugh, laughs best, and only 800 documents out of 250 thousand have been uploaded. Show has just started.

Now, to Sebastiano Von Linden and the “Zona chat”. I will not be a hypocrite: I was indeed in there and said something from time to time. However, last time I wrote was on November 28, and I was, apparently, being happy about MicroWiki being online again. The issue is somewhat serious, however, if I was Sebastiano I wouldn’t give much importance to it.

On one hand, like King Anthony of Zealandia, I am disappointed by the fact that Seb was not allowed in the chat, apparently only because he used to be Dresner a lot of time ago. On the other hand, from what I’ve noticed in the logs, that I’ve checked rapidly a few minutes ago, the members of the chat are not attacking Von Linden; au contraire, the chat is being used like any other meeting point for discussing random matters such as the Wiki and snow storms. Because of this, if I was excluded by a certain number of micronationalists and was not allowed to participate in a chatroom, as long as those people are not attacking me, I personally wouldn’t care. They will not enjoy my presence and good-looking. 😛 So yeah, I should have left before because of your exclusion, and should have asked to Nicholas Woode-Smith why you were being excluded, but I was never really there, as some of you noticed.

Now, concluding, Syd Barrett is unrelated to what I’ve been writing about. However, I wanted to leave you guys with a song that has been stuck in my head for days now. I hope all of you know about Pink Floyd and their 1975 song, “Wish You Were Here”. The song was dedicated to Barrett and the fact he left the group for solo in 1972. I find it one of the greatest songs of all time, and I think all of you should have a copy of it. 😀

Link to the song  – I order you to listen to it

Oh, and remember to be fryendly everyone. We’re gettyng closer and closer to Chrystmas. 😛

4 Responses to “Reinhardt’s Corner: Assange, Von Linden, and Syd Barrett”
  1. Premier Bradley, Premier of Wyvern says:

    This chatroom is for the friends of the zona’s. I have a own chatroom for the people I like most to. Is that a crime?

    Bradley of Dullahan

  2. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    “publishing the truth”…we all know that macropolitics is fully of lying, but i think you don’t want to know all political minds. Let’s imagine that someone public your conversation with Schneider on Skype in the Internet. It will be truth, but You won’t feel happy, will you?

    • That is the main reason why I endorse the publishing of the cables: real politicians should be the same in both private and public life, because we vote for them, and should trust them entirely, as they have power over us. If the documents published say that Berlusconi carries out relations with Russia and Putin because he earns a percentage of the profits of Gazprom (which is true), then I get slightly angry; he earns profit from collaboration with nations, and I technically pay for those with my taxes.

      Macropolitcs is indeed full of lying. This is why it needs to be changed. 🙂

  3. Heinrich Schneider OBS says:

    While I supported the Iraq and Afghanistan leaks, I am much more sceptical about “Cablegate”. While I support the publishing of information concerning corruption, top officials’ illegalish behaviour and espionage, I’m afraid dear Assange has published this mostly for publicity in the buildup for a “Wall Street leak” and most importantly because he is a megalomaniac.
    What most people don’t seem to understand is that when you see a leak where it says: “China is shit” it is not actually elected politicans how are saying this but appointed diplomats who are giving their opinion on a certain topic; an opinion that might not represent the actual diplomatic consensus.
    This has caused unnecessary strains in relations and could be potentially very, very dangerous in terms of human lives (e.g. Iran and North Korea, both with nuclear weapons, realizing none of their neighbours like them).
    But yeah, my rant is over – good article 🙂

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